How did the blog come about?

We believe that women’s health has never been more important. Women have never had a bigger role in society, they are no longer just housewives, women today are mothers, businessmen, workers, wives, housewives, etc. All these roles that women have in today’s society and the burdens they carry have consequences for women’s health. Excessive stress, constant lack of time do not leave enough time for women to dedicate to their health, which unfortunately often results in illness. Women are the greatest wealth of this world, they are the mothers who raise future generations. That’s why we decided to make one blog, one place in this huge internet world where women will be able to find all the relevant information related to women’s health.

Why a blog about women’s health?

This is not just a blog about women’s health, is a blog intended for all modern women, there are many tips on it not only about women’s health but also about many other topics that may be of interest to women. And the reason is that women are increasingly burdened with business and life obligations, they simply need a place where they will be able to find all the relevant information and advice. We try to bring together in one place everything that can be useful to women.

What is the goal of this blog?

If we can tell a woman that the greatest wealth she has is health, and if we can persuade her to dedicate more time to herself and her health, our goal is fulfilled. We think can do it.

What kind of articles can women find on your blog?

Literally, everything related to women’s health can be found on the blog. From everyday advice to extremely serious health topics. In addition to health, we also touch on other topics that may be of interest to modern women, fashion, cosmetics, shopping, etc. It is all connected, modern women are under constant stress, and if they do not take time for themselves and dedicate themselves, they will not get rid of that unnecessary stress and thus will not do what we propagate on this blog, which is good for themselves and their health.

What is the greatest value of this blog?

The greatest value of this blog is the community of our readers who visit this blog every day, except the blog. All visitors can comment on articles and thus actively participate and ask questions. We also have channels on all social networks where women also share their experiences and advice.

Can men also find something for themselves on this blog?

Of course, the blog covers an extremely wide range of topics it covers. Men can find a lot of relevant information on this blog, and besides reading this blog, they will understand their mothers, girlfriends, wives, and the problems they face much better. So we also recommend men to dedicate some time and read which post on this blog.