What is better? Quartz or Granite?

The internet is rife with differing viewpoints on kitchen countertops. Some homeowners choose quartz countertops, while others like the appearance and feel of granite. Nonetheless, it seems that quartz is somewhat popular.

If research about both of these, you may discover one recurring trend. Both granite and quartz enthusiasts can be seen arguing about their respective choices. As a result, the retribution between these two never really stops.

Is quartz better than granite?

Yes, indeed. In general, supporters of quartz countertops outnumber those of granite countertops. In this post, we discuss all of the probable explanations.

Quartz is less expensive than granite

This seems to be one of the primary reasons why people often buy quartz countertops. If you’re searching for the best materials for countertops, quartz might be up to $30 less expensive per square foot than granite.

However, it is crucial to realize that in the long run, both of these materials might drain your bank account. After all, high-end kitchen countertops are not cheap. So, in general, the cost difference will be little.

However, since quartz is less expensive for high-end countertops, consumers have a more favourable attitude toward it.

Taking into account the aesthetics

Aesthetics, on the other hand, are entirely subjective. We cannot state with confidence that quartz is more attractive than granite. However, it seems that public opinion is leaning toward quartz.

Most people dislike granite as it isn’t available in a uniform hue. As a consequence, more individuals are recommending quartz.

Most people want a really sleek and tidy appearance when they build a kitchen. Quartz excels in this sense due to its homogeneous appearance. Granite, on the other hand, has a more earthy feel.

Nonetheless, because of its rough nature, granite is more often utilized in outdoor kitchens. It is, after all, a natural stone.

Environmental consequences

With increased understanding about the environmental consequences of various products, householders are becoming more willing to make sustainable choices. In this aspect, quartz stands out since it has a far lower carbon impact than granite.

Furthermore, in comparison with granite tops, quartz tops are considerably simpler to recycle.

However, in the long term, both options might be deemed sustainable. Even though both minerals need a lot of energy to unearth, they are certain to survive a long time. If properly cared for, they may possibly last a lifetime. In this regard, both quartz and granite may be considered sustainable.

Compounds that are volatile

Volatile organic chemicals, which are present in both the countertops, are a major source of worry for homeowners. However, specialists believe that granite countertops may contain some radon. It does, however, exist at a minuscule amount.

As a result, both choices are typically suitable for usage inside. All you need to do is take sufficient care and observe all precautions associated with any of these two.


Ultimately, your material choice will simply be a matter of personal choice. It is not correct to say that granite tops have become outdated. They are still as popular now as they were ten years ago. In fact, one can say that countertops are never going to go out of trend.

Countertops have been around from centuries now. While people used natural stone in the past, today you can easily find engineered options in the market. The manmade countertops pack the benefits of natural stone while diminishing any downsides.

However, if you are buying countertops for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed due to the sheer number of options out there. If you have any problems or questions, please contact your local quartz countertops dealer Rockville right away!

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