Dentures: the Case for Affordable Dentures vs. Cheap Dentures

When it comes to our bodies, our teeth are one few body parts that you only get one of. Naturally, apart from your arms, legs, eyes (you get the point), the human body is amazing in that it has the power to regenerate or repair a number of critical parts, like skin, bones, and even organs like your liver.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for your teeth — because you only get one set of pearly whites. For that reason, dentures are a very common solution to restore the natural look of your smile, restore proper structure to your face, and improve your ability to chew like you’re used to.

But one problem arises when it comes to dentures, and that is the difference between affordable dentures and cheap dentures.

Dentures can most definitely be affordable. But they can also be cheap. Avoid the latter.

If you’re getting dentures, it’s perfectly okay to be concerned about cost. But it’s also important to remember that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a great looking set of teeth that function well and will last you for years.

The Difference Between Cheap Dentures and Affordable Dentures

The biggest difference between a pair of cheap dentures and a pair of affordable, inexpensive dentures rests in the quality of the materials and construction. You don’t want everyone who sees your smile to notice your dentures first.

Most patients that receive dentures are most concerned about them looking real. So why sell yourself short by letting the secret out of the bag as soon as you open your mouth? It doesn’t have to be that way. Dentures do not have to look fake. In fact, most dentures that are well made don’t look fake.

A good set of affordable dentures begins with a basic understanding of dental aesthetics and the process and quality required to ensure proper fit, color, and function. By striking a balance with these three qualities, it will be hard to tell that your dentures are dentures at all. While it will cost just a little more for dentures that look like real teeth, it’s a sacrifice that many patients choose to make. Better yet, they are often able to combine Medicaid benefits with out of pocket costs or even promotional offers to help make the up-front cost of beautiful looking dentures quite affordable.

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