What should you expect from keratin treatment?

The hair straightening procedure known as keratin treatment increases shine, silkiness, and reduces frizz. A brief hair wash would be the initial step in all hair straightening salons. The stylist waits 30 minutes after the wash before proceeding.  It is customary to blow-dry the hair first, then treat it, then finish it off with a flat iron.

a routine among hair stylists. The surgery can take several hours, and the entire treatment plan lasts around six months.

The benefits of keratin treatment are numerous

Hair and nails shine because of the keratin protein in the body. Shampoos and conditioners frequently include keratin as a component. On the other hand, salon keratin treatments will result in the most obvious improvement.

Some of the advantages of keratin treatment include the ones listed below.

Quicker growth

Your hair may benefit from the addition of keratin to prevent the tips from breaking. This treatment increases hair strength and accelerates hair growth. The treatment also lasts a long time. It has a six-month lifespan when not often cleaned. The best method is to simply wash your hair twice a week and only when necessary.

Improved hairstyles

Your hair’s health is improved with a keratin treatment. The fabric also hastens the dry process by enabling faster air drying, which requires less heat. Less heat-damaged hair will be stronger and healthier. The fact that keratin treatments make your hair less frizzy also helps.

But keratin also has certain drawbacks

Research keratin treatments before deciding to have one since the benefits much outweigh the risks.


Formaldehyde, a substance connected to cancer, is a component of several keratin treatments. Formaldehyde is the substance that gives the hair the appearance of being smooth and straight. It is, however, extremely dangerous and can be deadly if consumed.

Not all treatments employ formaldehyde. Instead, alternatives are employed. However, it has been claimed that these keratin treatments are not as durable as those that employ formaldehyde.

It takes a lot of labor

It could be difficult to maintain the effects of keratin treatment. After the treatment is over, you shouldn’t wash your hair straight away and not for a minimum of few hours.

Before you can wash them again, you might need to wait a few days. After receiving the treatment, it is suggested that you wash your hair just every other day. Due to the potentially hazardous ingredients they contain, keratin treatments should be avoided by expectant mothers.

Costs are considerable

The expense is considerable since you must get a fresh keratin treatment after six months. By doing these treatments at home at home, you can save money, but the results will be subpar. In compared to expert treatments you receive at a hair salon that specializes in keratin; even at-home keratin remedies could not last long enough.

Additionally, it is advised that keratin treatments be performed no more than three times year, however this advice is rarely followed. Even though these products first seem to be helpful, they will eventually damage your hair.


Your hair’s condition is improved with keratin treatments, which make it shiny, smooth, and more durable. These goods may include expensive and hazardous toxic substances. There are formaldehyde-free treatments, however they might not have the same results.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to a good straightening salon and get keratin treatment to recover your hair’s shine and volume.

We advise you to inquire in advance with a Brazilian keratin salon Potomac regarding formaldehyde avoidance. You’ll get the finest results and value at a decent hair salon with experienced hairstylists, so keep that in mind.

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