Why Popcorn Time Cannot Be Removed Completely?

Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and iTunes are some of the apps that have striven to provide users with a better experience, so that they do not opt for pirated sites. Through their user-friendly interface they have proven that paying customers would opt for their services. Nonetheless how are they supposed to make themselves better when even piracy starts offering similar services?

An app Popcorn Time raises this question as it offers an easy to use interface where users do not have to know where the content is being acquired from. All they need to do is search for a movie, select it and click on play now. This app is available for the platforms Linux, Mac and Windows. The software utilizes services of BitTorrent to find a video and download its file. However, one does not have to stop for the entire movie to be downloaded to start viewing it.

It is the version of Netflix everyone wants since it offers much more than Netflix regardless of the charges. Since, this website offers movies that have not been officially released making it obvious at times that it might be violating copyright laws.

The creators and developers of Popcorn Time have been able to protect it from being taken down previously by understanding the legal threats. The website and app both display a disclaimer, warning the users that it might be illegal in their country to download copyrighted video. In spite of this warning users view movies and copyright laws are quite strict in several countries. There are several cases in which studios creating movies monitor torrent traffic and sue the individuals who are responsible for sharing the content. Thus, if a user wants to protect him/her-self they are required to use a VPN so that their activity is hidden.

Protection from legal authorities

The creators of this platform do not enjoy being chased and bothered by the movie industry. According to the developers they do not wish to create legal issues, since they do not host it, and neither do they earn any money from this website and app. There are no subscriptions, no ads, and no premium accounts since it is only a platform to learn and share.

The chances of this app not being attacked by authorities are few as they rob a major part of the entertainment industry’s income. Nonetheless, it s an open-source project and does not charge anything taking it down permanently might be tough

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