6 Major Types Of Water Softeners

Hard water is not useful at all, and if you have hard water coming through your taps and faucets, then you definitely need a water softener, in order to make it usable around the house. Here are the different types of water softeners to help you choose the right water softener system.

Reverse Osmosis Water Softener

This is the most effective water softener and it is mainly used in industries or bigger companies, where soft water is needed on a larger scale. You can also install this softener in your home, but it might be expensive and if you don’t need to use a lot of soft water, then it might be a waste of space and money for you.

It also doesn’t work for the entire space. It is only used for a small space where soft water is needed and it also consumes a lot of water and produces less soft water, but it does give highly purified water because of the semi-permeable membrane in the water filter, which removes most of the contaminants in the water.

Salt-Free Water Softener

The biggest problem with a water softener is that it can lead to salty water. In order to rectify that, there are salt-free water softeners. In this water softener, the water goes through a tank, and there are beads, which are polymers that attract the ions and remove all of the unwanted components from the water.

This water softening system is also relatively less on the maintenance side, so it’s perfect for you if you don’t want to deal with maintenance all the time.

Salt-Based Water Softener

This is the most basic type of water softener. This softener is more like an ion exchanger, where the unwanted chemicals and ions are replaced with sodium ions. It is a great thing to use if you want softened water, but fair warning: the water is going to taste a lot saltier than your normal tap water.

On the flip side, this softener is the most budget-friendly option to go for and it works for the whole house, which is a huge plus.

Shower Water Softener

If you don’t want to go through the process of installing a whole-house water softening system and just want something for your bathroom, then this softener is perfect for you. It is usually installed in the shower head and it gets rid of all of the chemicals and unwanted calcium and magnesium in water and exchanges them for sodium ions.

The water coming from this softener doesn’t damage your skin or hair and it’s perfect if you’re looking for an, even more, budget-friendly option. Your hair and skin will also thank you for this installation because the hair and skin health will speak for themselves.

Magnetic Water Softener

If you’re looking for a space-saving and inexpensive water softening system, then a magnetic water softener is what you want to go for. This water softener is installed directly on the pipes, without having to cut them or make way. This works by producing a magnetic field around the water, which discharges the ions and allows them to be soluble in water.

It also prevents scales from sticking to your pipes and taps. It is not necessarily a water softening system, but it works for hard water, it doesn’t lead to any wastage, and gets the job done.

Dual Tank Water Softener

If your house is big and you have a lot of supply water that needs to be softened, then a dual tank water softener is what you want to go for. As the name suggests, this system has 2 tanks, which are perfect for softening large amounts of water.

It does a lot more room than a standard water softener and it is also more expensive, but it’s highly effective in removing compounds from the water which make the water hard, just like a regular saline water softener.


There you have it! Water softeners may seem pretty straightforward to buy and use, but you need to get a certain type of water softener for a certain composition of water. Research more about these water filtration system before making the final decision and carrying out water softener installation Warren in your home.

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