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5 Simple Exercises That Will Make You Look Great this Summer

If you want to get toned for summer, or even if you just want a few tips for staying in shape, then you might be surprised how little effort it actually takes. Below, you will find five simple exercises that will make you look great this summer, whether you are in your bikini or a summer maxi dress.


There is a reason why pushups are exercises that stand the test of time. They work. If you cannot do them on your toes, then feel free to do them on your knees – at least, at first. Doing about 10 pushups per day takes about 30 seconds for most people, but it will not be long before you start to notice the results. Firmer arms, a toned chest, and even a flatter stomach are all anticipated results.


Planks are pretty self-explanatory, but they are often more difficult than it might seem at first. To do them, get down on the floor, and then while keeping your back perfectly straight, raise yourself up on your toes and elbows. Hold that position for 30 seconds (or do it twice for 15 seconds each at first). This simple activity tightens your abs, shoulders, and back, helping you to achieve core strength that you need for other exercises.


Squats are pretty tiring, so you might need to start out slow and work your way up to reps of 20. To do them. Sit down on a low chair, then stand up straight, and then sit back down again. Over time, once you are more comfortable with the exercise, remove the chair from the equation, and see how low you can go. You can customize this exercise to your level of ability by utilizing a higher chair or a thick cushion, but remember: the lower you can dip, the more effective this particular exercise is.


Kicks are great for working on your balance and your abdominal muscles, and they are easy, too. Just kick one leg out in front of you. Start out slow and work your way up; if you can get to a point where you can lift your leg as high as your hips, you are on the right track. To test yourself, hold your arm out, palm face down to the floor, and see if you can reach your palm with your toes.

Kick Overs

Kick overs are the opposite of kicks, in a way. They work your rear end and your lower back, and they help you improve your balance. To do them. Stand in front of a bed or chair, lean forward, and kick one leg out behind you. Hold it for a couple of seconds, and then repeat with the other leg. Work your way up to reps of 20 or 30 and you will start to see results in no time.

Although gyms are not required for most of these exercises, some people find that the atmosphere helps motivate them. There are plenty of fitness classes in Denver you can join, too, which incorporate these exercises along with others in a group environment.

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