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Top Five Ways to Weight Fast and Top acupressure devices for Quick weight loss

Do you want to cut down your weight fast because you want to look your best and impress at a forthcoming event? Or, do you want a quick weight loss program that makes your life easier; you don’t have to follow long winding weight loss programs? If you need to shed weight, there are several quick weight loss strategies you can use; and voila, within the week, you will have done a six month’s job. Here are some tips.

The 7 Day Wonder Program

This program will deduct up to 5 pounds from your current weight reading in just seven days. And, yes, you don’t have to fret, you will not starve. You won’t have to forfeit your regular food set entirely. It saves you from the long list of supplements you have to guzzle frequently with little to show off.

How It Works

The program calls you to make meager sacrifices that could pass without your notice; ordinarily. It also seeks to tailor make a regimen that fits in your lifestyle. It is a deliberate attempt to shift from the traditional mistake that dieticians make; trying to apply a single program to all weight loss needs. If you find a plan that uses exercises and diet choices that fit in your way of life, you are more likely to succeed following it.

i. Drink natural plain water

Water is devoid of the ingredients common in the drinks touted as health choices and all. If you took sports drink, for instance, you would be consuming 100 calories apart from many other ingredients such as sodium and carbohydrates. Water has been found to expunge extra water weight from your system as it enhances your metabolism and can cut down your weight fast.

ii. Exclude Pasta And White Bread From Your Diet

If you turn away from all white bread and white grain, you will significantly reduce your weight in a flash as good as one week. The carbohydrates in these grains are responsible for bloating around your belly. Such simple carbs are digested fast and soon you want to eat again.

iii. Embrace cardio exercise for 30 minutes every day.

Exercises that increase your heart rate are the best in burning down calories.

iv. Have your coffee one hour before you jump in the gym.

Use coffee as a welcome break from the water only routine. Coffee helps you pick up in the gym with more enthusiasm. Remember how it jump starts your mornings at work? It does the same for your workout sessions.

v. Get on top during your love making sessions

Staying on top of `things ’, makes you rock more, workout more, and lose calories more. See, some fan ways to quick weight loss really exist! You could lose up to 144 calories in just 30 minutes of rocking on top.

Even though it is universally agreed that exercises and diets are the best tools that can help one lose weight, recent studies show that there are other acupressure devices that can effectively help one lose weight.

A research conducted in 2003 in obese patients found that stimulation of the auricular acupuncture points helped women lose more weight. Further trials in Australia that have added credibility to the notion that acupuncture can actually help fight obesity problem. When used in conjunction with exercises and diet, it gives better results. Some of the devices that are touted to give better results include magnetic rings, earrings, and bracelets. These acupuncture devices are thought to aid and help in weight loss.

Magnetic devices are used because it is believed that the north pole of a magnet stimulates metabolism and increases the calories burned in cells. When this happens, the general energy expenditure is increased. Magnetic rings combine the concept of acupressure and the North Pole idea to stimulate certain points of the body so as to bring changes to the physiological processes and internal organs. These are the same principles that are used in acupuncture.

Even though there is no evidence that magnetic rings can result in weight loss, there are trials which shows that acupressure treatment have some effect on weight loss. There are plenty of people who claim that that rings and bracelets can effectively help people lose weight. The explanation for this is that rings and bracelets results in a placebo effect; when one is aware that he is receiving the right medication in which he has faith and believes can heal him, it is the most effective and a powerful force that ultimately causes healing. There are motivational and psychological factors are important and which are believed to play a role in weight loss endeavors.

To effectively use the magnetic rings for acupressure, it is recommended that you buy the magnetic ring from a trusted dealer. Ensure that you check the strength of the ring since they vary and may affect the results obtained. The magnetic strength is measured in gausses.

One of the theories that can be used to explain how magnetic rings can help to heal the body revolves around the fact that blood contains iron which acts as a conductor for magnetic energy. The ring will thus increase blood flows, bring in more oxygen and vital nutrients hence the healing effect. This is why it is recommended that you wear the ring on the side of the body that feels most of the pain so as to increase blood flow to that area.

To achieve the best results, it is recommended that you remain persistent in wearing the rings. Note that the benefits of using the rings to lose weight may not be visible within a short period of time but could be visible within three months of wearing the ring. To get the best result using the rings, ensure that you maintain a good lifestyle.

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