Get rid of your extra flab and improve your cognitive abilities with MIND diet

Even though there is nothing called the best diet plan for weight loss and staying healthy, the MIND diet is known to be the easiest diet chart to follow and the second best diet which covers almost all the categories. The MIND diet is a unique blend of the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet, which covers all the essential nutrients which can combat the risk of Alzheimer’s. MIND comprises 15 fundamental components out of which ten falls under the category of brain-healthy dietary components which include green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, whole grains, berries, wine, etc. The remaining five, on the other hand, fall under the category of five unhealthy groups and include butter, cheese, pastries, red meat, fried food, sweets, margarine, and fast foods.

The guidelines for MIND diet:

The guidelines for the MIND diet are simple and fair. It is ideally recommended to eat three daily servings, which comprises of one whole grain, one green leafy vegetal and another vegetable. Take a glass of wine, and a snack preferably comprising of beans and nuts every day. Additionally, consume poultry or berries at least twice and fish once in a week.

Limit butter, cheese, and baked food consumption:

According to the researchers, the five unhealthy categories of food tend to affect the cognitive abilities of an individual. Therefore, it is essential to limit the consumption of butter and whole fat cheese to less than one tablespoon per day. Baked, fast or fried foods should be limited to less than one serving per week to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve brain health. However, the best part of the MIND diet is that you do not have to wipe off your favorite food items completely from this healthy diet plan and that acts as a major relief for many people.

The overall benefits of MIND diet:

Unlike the other expensive diet and weight loss plans, the MIND diet plan simply encourages the inclusion of green leafy vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy, whole grains, and lean proteins, while limiting the calorie-laden sweets, salt, and red meat. The result is that you are able to prevent high blood pressure or hypertension, combat cholesterol and thereby shed off the extra flab slowly and steadily. Needless to say that merely avoiding saturated fat or sugar and lowering your calorie consumption is not going to deliver you desirable results, unless you are physically active. It is advisable to take brisk walks for at least 20 minutes every day to achieve the best results in terms of weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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