How To Treat Allergies When You Are Pregnant?

The problem with having allergies is that you can only take limited medications and also pregnancy hormones can lead to swelling of the nasal passage. So, how can find relief from allergies during pregnancy?

Consult your doctor for safe allergy medicines

There are many over-the-counter drugs available which fall under Category A, B and C, as per the Food and Drug Administration. The drugs which fall under Category B are considered to be safe for the baby, but check with your allergy doctor.

Wash your face thoroughly

Once you enter home, wash your face, especially eyelashes and eyebrows (even if it means removing mascara) as pollen can settle on them. If you get up with puffed eyes and stuffed nose, then wash your hair before going to bed. You can use a neti pot to clear your nasal passage, but this must be done under supervision till you learn the art of cleansing your nose.

Use eye drops

Most eye drops fall under Category C which means that there haven’t been enough studies done to show if it is safe for babies. There are some drops that fall under Category B that are safe for itchy and watery eyes. The eye drop can get into our body through tear duct. Once you put the drop in your eye, place your finger on the tear duct near the corner of your eye, closer to the nose, for a minute. The drop will absorb properly.

Play offensive

During high pollen days, stay indoors. If planning to step out, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from pollens and once you are back, change your clothes immediately. Keep windows shut, turn off the ceiling fans which can stir up accumulated dust in the house.

Supplements can relieve you from allergy

Vitamin C can boost immune system and fish oil can help combat dry eye issues. Remember to check with your doctor before you start taking supplements.

Homeopathy as an alternative

Although homeopathy is considered safe, consult your allergist before switching to homeopathy. You can check with you homeopath to find a solution for your symptoms.

These are some of the safe ways to treat allergies during pregnancy. Remember to check with your doctor before following any of these methods.

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