Age Gracefully While Dealing With Allergies

If you think that you’ll get over with allergies as you get older, think again, because there will still be allergy attacks even as you aged. Actually, you might also be one of the many first-timers to experience symptoms of an allergy by the time you’ve reached adulthood.  This is also the reason why more and more people in their 50’s or 60’s are visiting their allergy doctor because of having asthma, rashes, rhinitis and other common allergies. It’s just surprising that majority suddenly develop a certain allergy for the first time after they retire. Can you just imagine how hard it is for our grandparents to deal with an allergy condition when they don’t actually have it in the first place?

Allergies Are Not Just For Kids

Experts are still baffled why allergies boom in adults more often now when it used to be common in children before. Based on studies and research, it is believed that factors concerning the environment and human lifestyle have contributed so much to how the immune system should react to harmful and harmless elements.

This just shows that allergies can be for everyone, regardless of the age. Most adults suffer from allergic rhinitis and hay fever and most of them are first-timers. Common causes of allergies are weeds, grasses, molds, pollens, dust mites, pet hair, and food, some also have an allergic reaction to medicines or antibiotics.

The occurrence of onset-allergies in adults is also aging just like the population. Could be that they were not diagnosed earlier with certain allergies or it could also be a case which they used to have it when they were young and it just manifested again when they got older.

It’s just great to know that people are becoming more aware of allergies, especially now that allergies is the 6th major cause of chronic diseases worldwide. The sudden allergic reaction happens when your immune system overreacts to allergens. Like you’ve just walked your dog for a few minutes only and yet you started sneezing while your Dad still manages to play with your furry friend.

Other Allergy Triggering Points

There are some factors that also contribute to the breakthrough of allergies at a later stage that you are not totally aware of.


  • Antibiotics are medical substances that treat the human body against bacteria, however, it confuses the immune system on how to react from harmful microbes and how to distinguish the healthy bacteria. With too much consumption of antibiotic, it could lead to allergic reactions towards certain antibiotics.


  • There are some kids and adults easily acquire certain allergies, especially if the family has the same kind or type of allergy.


  • Another factor why allergies manifest when you get older is due to your childhood diet. The food that you eat and do not eat during your younger years can also be the reason why you are experiencing that kind of allergic reaction. Sometimes because parents are too scared that their kids will be allergic to a certain type of food, they deprive him of eating it. As they reach their late 40’s that’s when they become prone to food allergy.


  • Studies also show that the environment that you are exposed to plays a big factor in how you react to certain allergens. And it may vary, especially if it’s a first-time adult allergy.

How Should You Handle It?

  • Make a Journal

If it’s your first time to experience an allergic reaction, keep a record of the time, what may cause your allergy and the symptoms. These records are what you should present to your doctor.

  • Have a Doctor’s Appointment

If you wanted to find out what causes your allergy, talk to an allergy specialist and some medical test to determine what kind of allergy you actually have and how you can treat them properly.

  • Do Not Self- Diagnose

Avoid treating and prescribing yourself with medications that you are not sure of or medicines that work with your friend who is also having the same symptoms as yours. Allergies are a case to case basis and reactions vary. Just because you started sneezing after you’ve eaten that dish your Aunt made already means that you are allergic to that food and its ingredients. This is where the majority is having incorrect and unnecessary food avoidance and diets.


Again, allergies can attack anyone and allergic reactions can happen to anyone, no matter how young or old you are. So if you wanted to age gracefully without worrying about your allergies, consult your allergist Germantown for proper medication and prevention until you completely outgrow your allergic condition.

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