Top 7 Reasons Pregnant Women should eat Chocolate

Have you ever realized that chocolate is packed with health benefits for expectant women? According to research, chocolate does not only lower the stress level of a pregnant woman but also makes the growing baby happier. Here are top seven benefits you are missing if you never take chocolate while pregnant.

  1. Dark chocolate prevents pre-eclampsia

Among all the causes of premature births, pre-eclampsia claim lives of many babies. Pre-eclampsia is associated with pregnant women, and one of the indicators is high blood pressure which may result in convulsions. The condition also causes blood clotting and damage to the liver.  In rare cases, pre-eclampsia can cause kidney failure

Annals of Epidemiology report that the theobromine content of cocoa prevents the pre-eclampsia condition.

  1. Chocolate helps in proper blood pressure regulation

The theobromine constituent of cocoa which is used to make chocolate assists in the control of blood pressure among pregnant women. Theobromine aids in dilation of the blood vessels to ensure that the blood pressure is maintained at the recommended levels.

  1. Chocolate is an excellent source of good antioxidants

These delicious treats are rich in flavonoids believed to have potent antioxidants. Antioxidants are very beneficial to pregnant women as they strengthen their immunity. Also, they fight and prevent cancer as well as strengthening the cardiovascular system.

  1. Chocolate is a source of iron, magnesium, and other nutrients

One of the essential nutrients during pregnancy is magnesium as it helps fatty acids metabolism. Pregnant women can significantly benefit from other nutrients found in chocolate.

  1. Chocolate relieves stress

You should understand that chocolate has a calming and comforting effect and undoubtedly improves a pregnant woman`s moods. Therefore, if you experience mood swings while pregnant, chocolate can calm your feelings.

  1. It reduces cholesterol and helps pregnant women manage their weight

If you have to consume chocolate, and you are pregnant, always choose one that has little fat and sugar unless you want to gain extra pounds of flesh. Also, not that when consumed moderately, dark chocolate reduces cholesterol level in pregnant women.

  1. Chocolate makes happy babies

This sounds crazy, right? According to the report released in The New Scientist Magazine, stressed pregnant women who indulge in chocolate have excellent chances of giving birth to livelier and happy babies.

The dark chocolate is known for the numerous health benefits to pregnant women. However, always remember that it should not be consumed excessively.

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