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Easy and convenient methods for birth control

Many people have time and again said that good sex means good relationship. Many studies show that couples who have sec at least once in a week are happier and their relationship lasts longer.  There are many methods using which couples can enjoy sex without fear of becoming pregnant. Condoms are in use for a long period. This not only helps to avoid unwanted pregnancy, it also helps in the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases.

Over the counter condoms are more beneficial and more preferred by the people as they are free from hormones. They are easy to get, easy to afford, and it is most often safe also. People of any age can buy it without any difficulty fear or shame. Now condoms are available online, so anybody can buy it anytime without even going to a shop for this purpose. Different brands of condoms are now available which has peculiarities like extra thin, polyurethane ones, tornado, dotted. Most condoms are made out of durable material and is worn over the erect pennies and acts as a protective cover without diluting the sensual pleasure of the sex. Pink love condom is very famous in Singapore and is considered as the most effective and most popular birth control method of Singapore.

For people who do not like condoms for some reasons contraceptive sponge is an excellent alternative. This are made of polyurethane and are placed inside vagina in such a manner that it covers the cervix thereby preventing sperm from entering through it. These sponges are inserted before the intercourse. They protect you only from pregnancy and are incapable of preventing the spreading of STDs. But it has the benefit that it provides better and natural sensations than other methods. Like condoms these are not reusable. They are meant for using one time only and after that they have to be discarded.  This can be removed by pulling a small loop in the device.

For persons who are not satisfied with over the counter methods for birth control, there is another method that is safer and effective. This is spermicidal. Spermicide contains some chemicals that prevents sperm from reaching the egg. Spermicide is used as a contraceptive.  These are used in combination with other birth control methods like condoms, sponges, cervical caps etc. These combined methods have been found to be very effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies rather than using any  single method.

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