All the essential commercial kitchen appliances

Are you planning to start a restaurant or a commercial kitchen business? If yes, then you must start making a checklist of the essential appliances that you will need for your commercial kitchen. At the same time, do keep some room for the installation and commercial appliance repair costs in your budget. Otherwise, you may end up burning a big hole in your pocket. 

Well, there may be more than a hundred different types of commercial kitchen appliances out there. And of course, you cannot buy them all. That would be like a huge overkill. Instead, what you need to do is to get the most basic and essential appliances first. After that, consider getting more appliances depending on your budget and requirements. 

A list of the essential commercial kitchen appliances

We do understand that there are endless options out there. Hence, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by them. But worry not! In order to help you out, we have put together a check-list for you. The most vital appliances that you will need first, include the following: 

Commercial refrigerators 

Commercial refrigerators are of great importance, as they allow you to keep your food cold for long periods of time. Since it is not practical for you to buy everything afresh, chances are that you will have to store some items. This may include meat, fruits, vegetables, sauces, and a lot more. Hence, it is the ultimate essential appliance.

So, when you are buying a commercial refrigerator for your restaurant, make sure that you are getting the right size. In can you have a restaurant with a capacity of seating a hundred people at time, you will need a large refrigerator or several units. However, in case you own a small café with a maximum capacity for 20 people, a medium sized refrigerator would work just fine. 

Commercial grill

A commercial grill can be used for grilling burgers, steaks, pancakes, and a lot more. In this regard, it is important for you to get the perfect grill out there. Essentially, it should be large enough so that you can cook multiple items at a time. Let us say that you have received an order for 10 steaks at a time. In case your grill is not big enough, you will fail to serve the customers on time. As a result of this, half of your customers will leave the restaurant in disappointment. Ultimately, this may cause you to suffer from a business stand-point. 

So, make sure that your grill is sufficient enough to handle at least 10 orders at a time. After all, everyone is a fan of BBQ, burgers, and steaks.

Ice machine 

Indeed, a restaurant is incomplete without an ice machine. Have you wondered how you would serve cold drinks to 20 people at a time if not via an ice machine? The prime job of an ice machine is to create ice constantly. This way, you staff can always be on the go to grab some, and pour a drink in for the thirsty customers. 

Furthermore, these machines are also quite suitable to create margaritas, slushes, and smoothies for your customers.

Ending note 

While there is an endless range of commercial kitchen appliances out there, the ones that are mentioned above are three most essential ones. Without these, a restaurant may not be able to operate at all. Of course, you will need a fryer on top of this if you want to sell fries. Moreover, do not forget to call in appliance repair Fairfax companies as soon as something feels out of place. In the case of commercial appliances, it is much better to get everything fixed as quickly as possible. 

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