Appliance Repair: Tips On How To Avoid Having To Repair The Refrigerator Regularly

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your place of work. Just like other appliances, it tends to break down thus requiring you to hire an appliance repair professional to help you with the inspection and fixing of the unit.

When the appliance breaks down often, the repair costs are bound to get high. Due to this, it’s paramount that you keep the costs low. The cool thing is that there are a number of things you can do to prevent your appliance from breaking down too often. Some of these things include:

Keep the refrigerator away from other appliances

If you have a large kitchen, you should keep the refrigerator as far away from other appliances as possible. Of major importance, keep it away from heat producing appliances such as dishwasher, stove, and oven.

When the appliances are in close proximity, the heat generated by the units makes the fridge work harder than it should. As you might have guessed, a unit that is working harder than it should is bound to develop problems that need to be repaired. An overworking appliance also tends to consume a lot of energy thus you incur a huge monthly bill.

Keep it clean

Dirt is not only unsightly to look at, it also tends to make the fridge work harder thus it develops problems every now and then. You should clean the condenser coils regularly to get rid of dust that might have covered them.

To clean the coils is easy. You should pull the machine from the wall to reveal the coils at the back. Some refrigerators have coils at the bottom front. In such a scenario, you should snap off the grille to access them.

To avoid hurting yourself when cleaning them, remember to unplug the appliance from the power source. You should vacuum the appliance with a brush attachment.

You shouldn’t simply clean the coils—you also need to clean the other parts of the fridge. This calls for you to regularly clean the insides and outside of the appliance.

Don’t keep the temperature too cold

Many people subscribe to the notion that keeping the fridge temperatures as low as possible will keep the food fresh for a long time, but this isn’t always the case. When the temperature is too low, the compressor tends to run for a long time which puts the unit at the risk of developing issues.

The long running time also makes the fridge consume a lot of power. Refrigerator experts have also been able to show that the running of the compressor reduces its lifespan as it wears out fast and you have to replace it.

Minimize the opening and closing of the fridge

It’s impossible to avoid opening the refrigerator especially in a busy restaurant but you should strive to keep the opening of the unit to a minimum. In addition to the constant opening and closing of the unit leading to lose of cold air, it also weakens the refrigerator door and within a short time, you will have to replace it.

For you to minimize the opening and closing, you should take everything you need at once. Do you have employees in your place of work? Educate them about this.

Undertake regular inspections

At the end of the week or once a month, inspect the refrigerator for any issues it might be having. Of major importance, pay attention to the rubber sealer on the outer edge of the door. It’s common for the rubber seals to wear down and deteriorate over time. This allows the air to escape through the gaps making the fridge work harder than it should.

Just like when having any other issues, an overworking fridge tends to develop more problems. It also tends to consume a lot of energy. Refrigerator repair Fairfax professionals recommend that you inspect the unit and when you identify an issue, fix it as soon as possible.

While you are inspecting the unit, it’s common to come across some minor issues. Some people might ignore them, but this shouldn’t be you. Remember, the minor issues tend to enlarge and get worse. For you to be on the safe side, fix the issues as soon as you notice them.

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