Washing Machine And Laundry Dos And Don’ts

Every single homeowner knows the importance of a washer. To ensure the full potential of this silent appliance we will look at all the dos and don’ts for your washing machine to run in optimal condition so you don’t need to spend money on washer repair services. First, we shall go through the dos.


Do clean the stains from clothes before putting them in the machine

Your clothes will come out cleaner and not burden your cycle with additional spins.

Always check pockets for coins, wallets, pens, keys, or other valuables

Though they will come out cleaner than before but will cause serious damage to your washing machine. If you forget tissue appears in your pocket, be sure about seeing your clothes covered in snow once you open the door.

Clean it with vinegar and warm water

To avoid any unpleasant odor building up inside your washer, run a cycle at least once a month of vinegar and warm water. Add vinegar instead of detergent to your dispenser and let it run one complete cycle.

Do clean grocery bags

You can safely wash your usable grocery bags in your washing machine. They are potential germ carriers posing hazards to your family and home. The marketplace is a buzzing spot for all kinds of germs. They come in contact with your bag and make their way to your kitchen.

Do wash small rugs, towels, and napkins in the washing machine

Run a warm cycle with a detergent and disinfectant to make them look new as before.

Wash pets accessories

Pets can get nasty when out and about. Their collars and beds show visible signs. You can safely clean them by washing them in your washing machine. Just be vigilant about the metals on the collar. Put them in a fabric laundry bag to avoid rattling inside the appliance.

Clean athletic gear

-who doesn’t love to stay fit. After hitting the gym, you need to keep your athletic gear clean as they come in contact with your skin and sweat. You should not hesitate throwing them in the washing machine, and they will ultimately come out cleaner.


Don’t wash a small load in a large cycle

Doing this will put an additional load on the appliance and reduce your the performance of your washing machine. It will also adversely affect your utility bills.

Don’t use more detergent than prescribed

Always measure it before putting it in the washer. If you think that putting more detergent will make your clothes cleaner, you are wrong. Your rinse cycle works according to the prescribed detergent measurement. Putting more will result in unclean clothes having scum marks all over them.

Don’t leave your washed clothes in the washing machine for a longer period

This will leave an unwanted smell in the machine. Also, there will be a chance of mildew and mold formation in the spin tub due to lingering moisture.

Don’t put baby socks, clothes, mittens, bibs directly in the washing machine

What happens is that the tiny clothes get sucked up by the hose causing a blockage in your machine vent. You can either go old school and wash these baby delicates by hand or zip them up in a lingerie mesh bag and pop them in the washing machine.

Don’t put your running shoes in the washing machine

They are made to fit your feet for running. If you wash them in there, be sure that your running shoes will lose their shape and won’t fit well again.

Don’t put your underwear directly in the washing machine

You know well the chaos associated with finding the right size of an undergarment. We also keep wearing them quite often which signal how comfortably they fit us. But tossing them directly into the washing machine will play havoc with the cup size and the underwire will also get deformed. So stay away from this practice.

Don’t put tailored dresses in the washing machine

You might be thinking that doing so is an economical way to clean them at home but the result will not resonate with your thoughts. There is an additional piece called interface between the lining and the fabric. This interface gives tailored suits their crisp finish. If you machine wash them, the interface will be damaged or even shred, making your expensive suit look cheap.

Follow these simple rules and be sure that your washing machine will remain in optimum condition for longer. If there is an issue, don’t hesitate to call in an appliance repair Springfield expert.

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