Refrigerator Repair: 4 Genius Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Refrigerator

Every homeowner wants their refrigerator to last for a long time. The good news is that it’s possible to do it. You only need to consider these tips as given by refrigerator repair professionals:

Keep it clean

A dirty refrigerator is not only ugly to look at, it also tends to work harder than it should. This leads to it consuming a lot of energy. It also tends to break down more often. For you to save energy and keep your unit working optimally for long you need to keep it clean.

You need to clean both the inside and outside of the appliance. When it comes to the insides, clean it with warm soapy water. For ideal results, do this at least once a month. It’s common for refrigerators to have a bad odor. If this is the situation with you, try to fight off the bad smell with vinegar.

You should keep a bowl filled with vinegar and lime inside the fridge for at least a day and it will absorb the bad smell.

When it comes to the outside of the appliance, you should pay attention to the back. This is where the coils are located and they play a vital role in cooling the food. When the coils are clogged with dirt, they overload the compressor which translates to high cooling costs and even failure of the machine.

Clean the fridge at least two times a year using a vacuum cleaner. This will get rid of most of the pet hair and dust that might be there.

Place it away from heat

Many homeowners don’t care where they place their refrigerators, and this is wrong. Wrong placement of the refrigerators puts them at the risk of getting damaged. One of the mistakes that people make is putting the units close to heat sources.

When you place the unit close to a heat source, it tends to work harder to keep the food cool. Just like when it’s dirty, this too greatly reduces the lifespan of the fridge.

For you to save on the energy consumed by the appliance and extend its life, you should avoid placing it near heat sources. This calls for you to keep the fridge away from direct sunlight, heat vents, and oven.

If you have a small kitchen and don’t have a lot of options, you should try minimizing the issues by placing a piece of insulated board between the fridge and heat source. For example, you can place a board between the oven and refrigerator.

You also should consider shutting the blinds on the windows. When you aren’t using it, close the heat vent that is closest to the refrigerator.

Keep it level

When you buy a new fridge, you should be cautious about how you place it. As rule of thumb, you should keep it level. This is to prevent the air from escaping. When the fridge is slanted, the door doesn’t close properly hence the air tends to escape from the leaks.

When the cold air constantly runs out of the fridge, the motor has to keep on running to compensate for the deficit. As you might have guessed, this translates to a high energy bill at the end of the month. The fridge also tends to break down fast.

When you are placing a new refrigerator, take your time to ensure that its properly placed and level. You don’t want to waste energy and reduce the lifespan of the fridge due to a simple mistake.

Keep the top clear

The top of the refrigerator might come across as great storage space but you should stay away from using it. The top of the fridge is often warm to the touch as this is where the heat of the running motor and fan is dissipated from.

When you store food at the top of the refrigerator, the heat can’t be properly dissipated which leads to the motor overworking to keep the fridge cool.

For your refrigerator to last for a long time, appliance repair Northern VA professionals recommend that you keep the top cleared off. Also, remember to dust the area down every few weeks. This is because a layer of dust can prevent heat from dissipating properly.

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