6 Best Ways To Use Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are great. They have been around for a fairly long time now and don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon too. And with the passage of time you are no longer limited to get you extensions from hair extensions salon; you can get extension clip-ins or tape-ons and enjoy the luxury of long, full hair at home. Here are some of the best ways you can use hair extensions to spike up your chic look:

Make Your Ponytail Fuller

No one likes a limping ponytail. If hair were alive, a limping ponytail would be the dead version of it. It doesn’t look very charming and does not look elegant at all; even when you’re trying to pull off that look. But when your sleekness seems to be flying out the window, hair extensions are there to save the day.  Adding in hair extensions to your ponytail will make you hair volume fuller, and elegance will come your way immediately. You can upgrade your style by braiding your ponytail or putting it up in neat thick bun.

Add Volume and Length to Your Hair

Extensions are savior for when you want your hair to look their best whilst being full and healthy looking. They add in the voluminous thick look to your hair that you have always wanted with the least amount of effort required. All you have to do is simply take two wefts and stack them on top of one another to maximize the volume of your hair. Another major advantage of hair extensions is that when you start becoming tired of your short lengthen hair and desperately want them grow to pull off a certain look then hair extensions are your go-to. The hair extensions will complement with your natural hair, and thus not giving that fake look that would’ve stole all the charm.

Add Volume to Your Braids

The perfectly full braids on Pinterest are impossible to not desire for. Good news is that hair extensions will help you achieve that look. It will make your braid, regardless of the type, look longer and a better version of it. All that is required for you is to strategically clip in the wefts and tie your braid and watch your thin short hair transform into a thick lush braid that will make any girl long for.

Fake a Highlight or Dye

If you don’t have the heart to do hair color then hair extensions are the perfect solution for you. You can achieve the look by sparing yourself the visit from reputable hair salons, and still getting nail the look of your dreams. Hair extensions come in many colors that will complement with your natural hair. You can also play with them, any way you like. You can spare yourself the damage to your natural hair by bleaching them and bleaching the extensions instead and dyeing them with the color of your choice.

Add Accessories

If you have a problem putting in certain accessories in your hair that keep falling off and you are becoming sick and tired of it then hair extensions are the perfect solution. You can put on fake bangs as an accessory too to step up your hair game and rock the look. Certain clips or scarves simply won’t get fixated in your hair and you’re going to need some external help to solve that problem. Hair extensions have textures that make it easier for you to put on accessories and live your life to the fullest.

Go Rapunzel with Your Hair

The best thing about hair extensions is the additional length you can add to your hair. Short hair may not be your calling every day and it’s no harm to clip in an extension to satisfy your wish. You have every right to feel beautiful and if hair extensions help you feel that way, go for it! You can achieve any length of your hair through extensions in your own natural hair color and texture. You can style them, curl them, straighten them, and dye them accordingly to match your preferences. You can visit salons that do hair extensions potomac if you need professional help. It may cost you some money, but the result will be flawless.

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