Commercial Freezer Repairs: Mistakes To Avoid With Your Freezer

The freezer helps you create fast, easy meals thus saving you time and money. It also saves you extra trips to the grocery store as you can buy a lot of groceries and put them in the unit.

In the event you have a food, you can put it in the machine preventing it from going to waste. For you to get the full benefits of the unit, you need to use it properly.

This calls for you to avoid making mistakes that not only put the food in the freezer at the risk of getting spoilt, but also put the unit at the risk of getting damaged.

Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid making with your freezer as given by commercial freezer repairs professionals:

Failing to set the temperature correctly

Many people make the mistake of treating the freezer as the refrigerator. When they are looking to stock it, they open the door, feel the cold air, and stock it. This is wrong. While the freezer might feel cold, it might not be set at the right temperature which puts your food at the risk of getting spoilt.

Before you stock any food in the unit, take the time to check the temperature of the unit. For you to have peace of mind that the food won’t get spoilt, the freezer temperature should be 0°F.

Not wrapping the food tightly enough

Even if you store food in the freezer and in the coldest temperatures possible, the food is bound to get spoilt if you don’t package it properly.

How you package the food for freezing depends on a number of factors such as:

  • The size of the freezer
  • How you plan to use the food
  • Whether you want to reheat it later

For you to prevent the food from getting a freezer burn, you should use a zipper-top freezer bag, heavy-duty plastic wrap, or aluminum foil. Before you wrap the food, ensure that you remove air from the wrap.

When you are freezing storage containers, fill them to the top in order to protect them from freezer burn. When stocking them, remember to leave some room for the food to expand.

When you remove the food and you don’t manage to cook all of it, toss what is left into a tightly sealed bag or container.

Leaving the food too long in the freezer

Freezing is an excellent way of preserving food but this doesn’t mean that you should leave the food there forever. You should note that even if you have packaged the food to its best, if you leave it in the freezer for too long, it’s bound to suffer from freezer burn.

The general rule of the thumb is to keep the food in the freezer for no more than three months.

Failing to label the food

When you are having a commercial kitchen where the freezer is accessed by many people, this is a grave mistake. You not only risk the food getting damaged as people unpack it to confirm what it is, the food is also at the risk of getting lost in the freezer.

For you to give your freezer an organized look you should label all the food you put in it. All you need is a tape and a sharpie.

In addition to simply labeling it, also consider writing the date of storage. If you need to reheat the food, later on, write brief instructions on how to go about it.

Waiting for too long to freeze

The freezer is meant to preserve the food—not restore its freshness. This means that if you store the food in the freezer after it has stayed on the ground for days, there is no way it will taste good.

Do you want your food to stay as fresh as possible? Freeze it as soon as you get it from the grocery store.

Keeping the freezer nearly empty

When people don’t have a lot of food that they don’t want frozen, they keep the freezer almost empty. According to commercial appliances repair Fairfax professionals, this is wrong.

A full freezer retains cold much better than an empty one; therefore, when you keep yours empty, you make the unit work much harder which spikes your power bill.

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