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13 Summer Hair Color And Highlights Ideas

Gone are the days when lying in the sun with lemon juice sprayed in hair was a cool thing to do. Your hair will thank you if you never did this, but the desire to get a new hair color after some time was always a fun thing to do. So, for all the babes out there who want to discover summer better, we have the best hair color and highlights ideas for you that won’t cost you a fortune. Pick them as per your choice, and be ready to sport your new look.

Dark Purple

For a pretty long time, the best way to attain a dashing violet color was to bleach your natural color. But now, you can use color depositing conditioners, to give you a temporary striking bright shade over your virgin hair color.


We all have a deep penchant for this shade but not everyone can rock it. Caramel highlights are an easy way to lighten your hair without going overboard. This hair color is particularly for those who seek change but don’t like regular upkeep. Babylights are micro brighteners, as they are strategically placed and are just a few shades lighter than your natural hair color. Ask your stylist for subtle highlights to perfect your babylights.

Two-Toned Hair Color

Your hair will be bleached blonde at the top and have dark brown shades at the bottom. Due to the bleaching effect of this hair color, it is safer to let hair experts handle it. Don’t forget to apply deep conditioning masks to prevent hair from dryness afterward.

Chocolate Highlights

Most highlights only offer you caramel and blonde combo, but these shouldn’t be your only options. Rather some chocolate-colored hair highlights on darker hair can add tremendous dimension to your hair, that too in a natural way.

Copper Brown

Copper brown falls between chestnut and deep red hair color. It is a great way for brunettes of any complexion to alter their hair color without going too far away from their virgin hair color.


Ombre is gaining a reputation for being flirty and fresh, and this look is all about the definition. If you think the all-out platinum is too bold for you, you can experiment with this brunette to blonde variant as it’s on a subtler side.

Caramel Hair Color

If you want to take your brown hair up a few steps this summer, add subtle caramel highlights as they aren’t too strong. Don’t worry about the maintenance as you can easily camouflage your overgrown roots with a headscarf, bandanna, or headband.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is the latest hair color craze, from iPhone to hair. If you have blonde hair, you can add a touch of rosy gold for a perfect summer look.


This hair color is a great fusion shade for women with naturally dark hair. Blonde style offers a dark base with light honey tones and is deeply inspired by the French countryside.

Neutral Blonde

This hair color blends the hair and skin tone evenly. Don’t take this as an optical illusion, as it is cleverly mastered by the effects of nude hair color. But beware, if you had colored hair before, the nude look will carry some hues of it.


You can’t call it blonde, you can’t call it tangerine, but blorange seems to be the perfect term. It is a striking shade that is essentially the shade of the sun. The perfect summer shade without a doubt.

Strawberry Blonde

This shade is forever a summer favorite as it descends towards the strawberry blonde. If you are naturally redhead, this shade with some hand-painted blonde dye will make you a summer queen for sure.

Dip Dye

This hair color is for brave souls, those who love the bold looks but aren’t interested in long term accompaniments. Keep your hair color intact but dip the tips in different tacky colors like pink, purple, blue, green, and the list can go on. You can keep the look if you love the result, otherwise, you are always open to chopping them off.

So, these were just some fun summer hair colors that you too can rock. Follow your heart and don’t worry about what the world would say. Go to hair salons specializing in color Rockville to aid you in this transformation.

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