The importance of healthy sex in relationships according to Tempt Me Tease Me

Why do so many marriages today end in a divorce after years of being together? Why do so many couples find themselves stuck in dull and lifeless relationships, where the spark and enjoyment seems to have vanished? According to various experts, it is often caused by the lack of a healthy sex-life within the relationship. Lara Wade, commercial director at one of the UK’s online sex toys store, Tempt Me Tease Me, said “Adult stores used to have a bad reputation and were considered as many as seedy places, somewhere that the general public were afraid to go. Nowadays adult stores a common feature on the high street and online, with stores such as Tempt Me Tease Me. They’re a much more welcoming place and attract everybody, from all walks of life. Stores such as ours stock all kinds of fun and exciting products, toys, games, sexy lingerie and novelty gifts, so there’s no need for the spark to disappear from any relationship”. According to a recent report produced by Tempt Me Tease Me, one reason for the decline of healthy sex-lives is the growing presence of technology and smartphones in relationships and the wedge that can cause between partners. We all know that healthy sex has very many benefits, some of which are: a stronger immune-system, calorie-burning, better skin and a higher self-esteem.

In this article we will be going into more detail and covering why a healthy sex-life is so important for your relationship.

Why a healthy sex-life is so important

It’s a basic human need

First off, why do people get into a relationship in the first instance? It happens when two people are attracted to each other, love each other and they want to spend time together. For most people, that includes having a healthy amount of sex, especially during the honeymoon period. It is human nature to crave love and to have sex. According to Maslow, sex is a basic physical need, and it is to be found on the bottom of his pyramid together with the need for food, water and oxygen. It’s pretty serious matter.

Intimacy, physical and psychological

Relationships usually start with the best intentions: out of pure love, attraction and curiosity. Both physical and psychological intimacy plays a major role here. However, with time as couples become used to the relationship and each other, things tend to become less interesting and more routine. Then, the other needs of daily life start to play a bigger role again. Before you know it, your relationship which used to be about love and intimacy, starts heading in another direction where finances, ‘the future’ and other’s opinions start weighing in. Once that happens, generally the fairy-tale relationship you were consumed by previously, is now gone and the complete opposite of what you were once enjoyed so much. That is why it is so important to keep the sex and level of intimacy constantly evolving.


Try new things in the bedroom, have deep conversations about exactly what you want out of the relationship and your fantasies and go on new adventures together. Be 100% honest and try not to judge your partner for what he or she wants, communication is essential. Do not be fooled by the idea that just “spicing things up” in the bedroom alone will save any relationship from breaking apart. It’s just as important to talk and understand one another.

Keep “worldly problems” to a minimum. Lara of Tempt Me Tease Me continues “Stress can be a major killer of intimacy in the bedroom, for men and women. Letting everyday problems grind you down can be a major passion killer. Financial concerns tend to be top of the list when it comes to stress but there are others as well. It’s ironic really, because healthy sex can help to reduce stress, on the other hand stress can kill off having a healthy sex life. But there are many ways to help prevent this”. Using sex toys, erotic novels and films, or learning ancient arts like Tantra or the Kama-Sutra can greatly enhance the experience of true intimacy, and bring the relationship back in the direction of where you both want it to go.


The lesson to take from this article is to always seek new ways to keep the deep intimacy between the two of you flowing and communicate with each other. Sex is a basic human need and without true intimacy, the relationship is doomed to fail. Without love, there is no reason to have a relationship at all. And they call it “to make love” for a reason.

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