Why Some Women Have Low Sex Drive?

For various reasons women have been found to have low sex drive. In this article I am going to explain a few of them.  Some disorders like Diabetes, Multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease etc. have been found to have great impact of the sex drive of women.

For persons with poor blood circulation, there won’t be enough blood flow to the genitalia and it will make arousal difficult and may inhibit lubrication also.  This can lead to urinary tract infections,   liver disorder and STDs. Alcoholism, smoking and age can increase these dangers and aggravate the condition.

Problem in detail

Hormones play great role sexual matters and hormonal imbalances have been found to have affects on sex drive. Women who are pregnant, who are experiencing menopause, or have undergone hysterectomy etc have been found to have low sex drive. These low sex drives are caused as a result of fluctuating hormone levels in their bodies.

Medications like anti depressants, blood pressure pills, birth control pills are also capable of producing hormone imbalance and lesser libido. Excessive weight and inactiveness are reasons for low sex drive in women as well as men.

Walking for at least 20 minutes on alternate days have been found to be very useful for overall well being as well as improving the sex drive.

Psychological reasons for low sex drive

It has been found that many women experience low sex drive as a result of psychological factors like stress. Women being emotional creatures, stressful situation in daily life has been found to be detrimental in matters relating to sex urge. Financial struggle, marital problems, anxiety, problems in the office etc can lead to low sex drive.  There are numerous situations in life which can lead to low libido in case of women.

Medical options to improve sex drive

As low sex drive in women has been considered as a universal problem, there are several medical options also that will give a fillip to this problem. For this you need only to look at yourself and your kitchen. Frequent exercises can increase the blood circulation and lead to improved libido. Change your junk food habits and start eating balanced diet. This will increase the overall look, your appearance and the sex drive which you yearn for very earnestly. A low fat diet which includes fish, vegetables, and avoids high sugar foods and high starchy food will be the most suitable one for a woman with low sex drive.

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