How jealousy is part of a Vast Right wing conspiracy?

Human mind is undoubtedly one of the most complex systems found on this planet, after all it has the capability of managing complex bodily functions, thereby catering to all sorts of physical and emotional needs of an individual. Every individual comes across certain situations, where he/she is bombarded with abundance of emotions that make him/her less rational and the feeling of jealousy definitely tops this particular list of emotions. A number of individuals tend to have a territorial nature especially when being in intimate relationships and it is a completely healthy emotion but things start getting ugly when jealousy starts taking over all other emotions and starts wrecking havoc on healthy and reliable relationships.

Jealousy is an all-encompassing emotion i.e. every individual, no matter his age, sex or race experiences certain sort of mental uneasiness from fear of rivalry. This fear of rivalry from a third person can lead to an unwarranted suspicion that one’s partner/spouse is being unfaithful and cheating on them with someone else. A little intuition and suspicion at the right time might save you from a cheater or even bestow upon you a chance to restore your relationship with your partner/spouse. However, there is all likelihood that your jealousy is unwarranted for and doesn’t have any backbone and in such cases, jealousy would certainly kill your relationships. Jealousy in its primitive stage might seem like a beautiful and extremely attractive thing and might even flatter your partner/spouse but there is all likelihood that it’ll wreck your relationship if not handled on time.

For instance, imagine a hypothetical situation where you and your partner are attending a party and a stranger suddenly makes a pass at your wife/husband or offers them a drink or just smiles at them politely. What feelings would you undergo during such situations, would you feel all anxious that your partner might leave you for them or would you feel threatened? Well, if a strange incident like this could make you feel all threatened and anxious, then you surely need to work up on wiping jealousy off the vast right wing conspiracy. Having an attractive or good looking partner might be a reason to take immense pride or might give you a really tough time, thanks to all the attention that your partner might be getting from the opposite sex. So, the choice lies with you whether to give away your relationships to this uncalled superseding feeling of jealousy or overcome it by focusing on the positives.

Under most of the circumstances, jealousy might not have any substantial roots but one may not deny the possibility of a valid reason for such feelings. Being anxious, tensed and stressed is definitely not an answer to such sensitive situations, one need to work out this problem by seeking a psychologist’s help. Even better, talk to your spouse/partner and seek their honest opinions on your unwarranted fears and anxieties. There is no better way of brushing off all the negatives of jealousy than by opening up all channels of honest communication with your partner. Always remember that jealousy is just another emotion, don’t let it overpower your rationality and never allow it to ruin your relationships.

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