Swim Those Calories Away While At The Beach

Whether it’s summer season or not, going to the beach has always been fun. The beach seems to be a venue for different kinds of events and agendas.  Its deep blue color and the refreshing breeze is not the only reason why people go to the beach, but it’s the feeling of being renewed and stress-free. It can really improve a persons well-being no matter how critical or mild their health condition may be. It can unite families and friends or it can just simply make you happy. But do you also know that the beach can help you lose weight? You can include some beach visits in your diet and weight loss plans and you will be glad that you did.

‘Beach’ Wait! There’s More

Beach workout is just some of the many activities that you can do while on the beach. You can either do it in groups or by just you alone if you wanted a little solitary moment with yourself.

Here are some beach activities that will help you trim those extra fats off your body.

Running and Swimming.

  • While swimming can really give you a full-body beach exercise because it will not stress your joints too much running, on the other hand, will really make you work those calories out. Running is one of the intense workouts, especially if you wanted to sweat a lot. It can burn calories up to 700 calories depending on your pace. While swimming can give you a meltdown for up to 550 calories.


  • Just one of the fun things you can do while on the beach. Again, depending o your pace, riding on your two wheels will let you burn up to 560 calories per hour depending on the miles you take in a day.

Frisbee or Beach Volley.

  • If you wanted to do something extra playful while on the beach with your hood playing beach volley or Frisbee is just one of the most common activity being held at the beach. You can start your beach workout with this simple game with friends. Beach volley is like the ‘life of the party’ because it does not only excites your stay at the beach, but it also allows your body to burn up to 480 calories depending on how long the game is. However, Frisbee, also one of the classic beach game can make you lose 200 calories, still depending on the energy you can your friends play.

Kayaking and Surfing.

  • Although being by the beach can already share with you things you can do to lose weight, kayaking and surfing are just some of them. These water sports are both perfect for your arms and core. However, kayaking can burn 100 calories more than surfing. Kayaking can do 340 calories while surfing can only do 200!

Walking and Yoga.

  • You will be surprised that Yoga can burn 340 calories compared to walking for 240 calories. So keep on practicing that wellness routine to continue getting the benefits for both getting physical and mental fitness. While walking at your own pace can still help you in your weight loss plan for as long as you are determined and have the proper mindset of doing it.

Before Anything Else

So just like any other workout exercises, it has always been advised that doing warm-ups before getting into anything physical just to burn those extra fats is very important. It is to properly prepare your muscles and body to avoid strain or fatigue.

You can do the following warm-up exercises to be able to enjoy your weight loss program:

  • Butt kicks
  • Light jogs
  • High Knees
  • Run down
  • Lateral Shuffles
  • Skip down
  • Run down

By just doing your own research on the possible beach workouts that you can do while relaxing in this great big body of water, you can already create your own fitness exercises. You can also consult with the Doctors weight loss center for other exercise routines that will fit you best and will motivate you more while spending some quality time by the shore. For someone who has a goal in looking and feeling great there is no proper place or venue for it actually. But the reason why the beach happens to be one of the best avenues to get rid of those extra pounds is because nature has its own way of keeping the human body healthy and balanced. So make those beach trips extra productive with friends and loved ones.

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