Time For A Spine and Back Diet

As you age, there are also areas of the body that seemed to age too. This is when you feel some pain or strains after a physical activity or a long day at work. Even right after you drive or carry a few shopping bags, you suddenly feel the pain in your back or spine. Even if this is something new or if you already have a history of back pains before, it is still best to consult your spine and back doctors to make sure its causes and how you can cure it and prevent it from hurting again. But why wait if you can already start it with a good and healthy diet?

Diet for a strong and hearty back

It is true that maintaining a healthy body starts with a healthy lifestyle. So before you start feeling those pricking pains in your spine and back or anywhere around your body try these tips. You’ll be surprised at the results in the long run.

Fuel your body with Water.

Staying hydrated will make wonders in your entire body. It will make your body function productively, especially in your back area. Since our spinal discs are composed mainly of water, supplying your back area with lots of fluids will make them perform well and do its job daily.

Start a Balanced Diet.

If you are used to eating anything you’re craving for, if you are really concerned about your back it’s time to change your diet. You do not need to instantly modify your eating preferences overnight, you just have to gradually steer more on veggies. Include also in your diet the family of whole grains, fish, avocados, carrots, sweet potatoes, berries, grapes, cherries, garlic, cinnamon, turmeric and other herbs with anti-inflammatory compounds.

Load more vitamins and minerals.

For better bone health, calcium is the most preferred nutrient that can supply that in the human body to prevent osteoporosis. Supplements are good, but natural and organic is still the best. You can get a promising amount of calcium from dairy products and leafy vegetables, preferably the darker ones. Vitamin D which is present in egg yolks and salmon is also advised for you to have the right nutrients and a stronger spine.

Maintain a workout routine.

Nothing beats the benefit of having a regular exercise. Most especially if you are in the process of healing a back injury, although of course, you need to consult with your therapist about the allowable routines for your case. All else is okay for as long as you keep movements gentle. Keeping your back area moving will make them more stable and resistant to any pain or fatigue.

Cut down your Sugar.

Although you have been aware that too much sugar in the body is really not good. Reducing your intake will also lessen the inflammation and will keep your blood pressure normal. It’s enough that you get the natural supply of sugar from fruits that you eat every day and with the proper and guided exercise routine, you may need to undergo in order to keep your blood sugar stable.

Suggested Supplements.

If you are already experiencing early signs of back pain make it a habit to include these supplements in your everyday diet:

  • Fish oil2,000 mg/ daily. Omega- 3 will lower inflammation and will also supply your heart with the nutrients it needs every day.
  • Turmeric1,000 mg/ daily. It has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory compounds that are perfect to reduce any back pain issues.
  • Magnesium – 400-500 mg/ daily. This relaxes the muscles and relieves stress.
  • Essential oils like peppermint present a cooling effect on inflamed areas in the body and reduce pain not just around your back.

Starting young with a good diet will not only protect your back and spine area but your entire body as well. It is also your way of investing in a natural defense system from any chronic and harmful pains and life-threatening diseases that may attack you as you gracefully age. Because your back is very important, having a regular checkup with your back pain specialist is also a good practice not only when you’re experiencing pain and in order to prevent it from happening. Having an early practice in caring for yourself is the best gift you can personally have. Because with that, you can have unlimited reasons to enjoy life and have enough reasons to take care of the people that matter to you.

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