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HCG Diet Review: Does it Work?

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) drops are Science’s miracle-solution to obesity. Unlike other FADs or misconceptions, the HCG Drops reviews have upheld the scientific scrutiny of the medicine. Obesity is the issue of the hour, and several thousand labour incessantly trying to burn the extra fat, and yet succumb to depression on their weighing machine. HCG Drops reviews brand the drops as a fast, reliable, and the laziest form of weight-loss technique.

What are HCG drops?

HCG is a bioactive protein generated by the human body. Born from the placenta, and being one of the primary hormones generated during pregnancy, it is intricately connected with the regulation of metabolism rates in the individual’s body. HCG drops are sublimated hormone-shots, part of the HCG Diet Plan. Along with a strict low-calorie regime, these drops are administered, thus ensuring the individual doesn’t feel hungry despite the lack of food. The drops are found in two forms: oral and injections. The former is the general choice while the latter is used in hospitals (when patients need a larger dosage). The oral drops may be homeopathic, in which case the dose of HCG in the medicine is minimal, thus making it an over-the-counter drug for which no prescription requires to be furnished. HCG drops can also be prescriptive drugs (with a comparatively higher concentration of HCG), where the dosage is clinically set by doctors depending on the patient’s body mass, vital statistics and other requirement.

Pros of HCG drops:

  1. HCG Drops reviews report high-speed results in weight loss. (An average of 5lbs/week)
    2. Almost no hunger.
    3. Cuts out the need to exercise.
    4. When compared to long-term natural methods, the HCG Diet plan is less expensive.

Cons of HCG Drops:

  1. Can be fatal if the dosage is determined by own self and not an experienced doctor (because they are tailored according to the individual requirement of patients).
    2. The extremely low calorie intake can have negative effects of blood sugar patients and those with high blood pressure.
    3. The FDA has not approved the safety of the HCG Diet Plan, signifying potential health hazards.

How do the drops work for weight-loss?

The brilliance of the HCG hormone lies in its tendency to mobilize stored fat and utilize it. During pregnancy, if the mother hasn’t consumed enough nutrients for the child, HCG utilizes the stored fat to nourish the baby. This ability to influence fat is highly valued in the weight-loss regime. HCG drops blend easily into our bloodstream, and stimulate the hormone leptin to deliver various signals to the hypothalamus located in our brain. Leptin’s job in the fat cells entails ensuring the burning of fat deposits. One of the important messages relayed by leptin to the brain is that of ceasing food intake. It asks the brain to stop eating when there’s sufficient body fat to generate fuel. It thus prevents the individual from eating more than absolutely necessary, and inspects the existing fat reserves to determine what part of it is available for burning. The lipotropics and metabolism stimulants present, serve to enhance the job of HCG by providing nutrients, helping the cause of mental clarity, etc. The HCG Diet plan, sets a low-calorie nutrient chart (800 calories a day, previously 500 calories), and administers the drops to heighten the process of weight loss and to guarantee that the drastic restriction of food intake does not make the individual hungry or nauseous.

How to use the HCG drops:

Both the homeopathic and the prescription varieties of the medicine are to be taken orally. The pill must be placed beneath the tongue to ensure it’s absorption into the bloodstream through the veins and tissues. This helps the individual achieve maximum benefits. If swallowed, the pill is rendered ineffective since it is readily deconstructed and digested by stomach acids and enzymes. HCG Drops reviews report three steps to ensure the correct administration of the drops:

  1. Do not consume anything solid/liquid for at least 30 minutes before.
    2. Place the HCG drops beneath your tongue, hold it for a brief 60 seconds, and then proceed to drink the remnant liquid. You may retain the drops for longer than 60 seconds but it isn’t mandatory.
    3. Refrain from consuming anything solid/liquid for at least 30 minutes after the dose has been administered.

To achieve consistency in weight loss, the widely recommended dosage is either one 2oz bottle throughout the 43-day diet plan, or two 2oz bottles through the course of a 64-day diet plan. The latter is a better option if the individual wants to lose 20lbs or more in less than 2 weeks.

Of over a thousand varieties of HCG Drops, the three best ones in the market are: HCG Complex, HCG 1234, and HCG Triumph. It is highly advised that one consults an appropriate doctor before starting on the weight-loss regime instead of solely relying on HCG Drops reviews, because the wrong dosage can prove to be hazardous.

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