2015 bridal hairstyle

Spring 2015 Hottest Hairstyles for Brides

On a bride’s big day, they want to look and feel their best. Other than finding the perfect dress and arranging for their dream spot, they also need to think about which perfect hairstyle they will wear, and I learned many of these styles from http://onlinehaircourses.com/. Usually, the wedding style needs to go with the dress they choose and more particularly the current season. If your client intends to have their wedding early in 2015, here are the top bridal hairstyles for 2015;

Soft and pleasing curls

If you client has long hair and does not prefer the overdone up do, you can style their hair with some soft and pleasing curls to give them a more relaxed feel and appearance. Just part the hair down the middle and curl the sides. Leave the tresses to bounce at the shoulders. This is an ideal 2015 bridal hairstyle to go with a form-fitted dress and cap length sleeves.

Braids and twists

The advantage of braids and twists is that they can accommodate just about any look and style. Whether your client loves an up or down style, you could always work out something using braids and twists. There are all sorts of braids, which include waterfall, fishtail. Two-strand, five-strand, delicate cornrows, and braided headbands and even twisted side braids.

Sleek longtails and tucked pony tails

Many brides want to break away from the traditional ponytails that sit much higher, pull the hair up but not too tight and position it lower on the head. To add volume and create interest, use textured backcombing around the top crown, I learned this useful tip at http://onlinehaircourses.com/. If they still prefer to wear a ponytail, instead of leaving it undone, pin it up with tucked under the tail. Doing so will give room to easily decorate the hair using floral lei or any other relevant decorations.

Classic buns

The good thing with buns is that they look great whether loose or sophisticated. Your client may consider a romantic Spanish-style bun and add some big flowers for detail. Alternatively, you could weave tiny flowers through braids to add a casual and new twist to wearing flowers in their hair. Baby’s breath is great idea you could offer to try this spring.

The French side raid tops the braid hairstyles for a bride. It presents a classical and comfortable look. You could braid flowers into the hair to get a more natural Maui touch to the wedding look.

The ballerina bun

This is a simple hair do but has made a highlight in the top wedding hairstyles for 2015. If your client’s wedding happens to contain lots of detail, this style will give your client the perfect look. It will make the bride look simple, stylish and yet elegant while at the same time it leaves all aspects of dress visible to admirers.

Other 2015 spring hairstyles for brides include bohemian curls, chignons and side swept crop. If your client cannot decide on which hairstyle to choose, it is up to the pro’s to provide help and strive for quality results. Hair experts could also help clients choose the hairstyle that best matches their wedding dress, theme and general preferences. Finally, make sure that your client is comfortable with whatever style you go for. They should be able to freely enjoy their big day without any drawbacks.

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