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10 Tips for Perfect Hair

If there is a beauty magic wand, all women would use it to make their hair strong and healthy, super-shiny, silky and hydrated, like the models we see in advertisements.

What if I tell you that you do not need a magic wand to get perfect hair? You just have to read this article and implement these 10 tips. They are simple, doable and result in fantastic hair!

Brushing your hair everyday

Want your hair to grow faster? Brush it every day. This very simple trick will not cost you anything to have healthy and beautiful hair. You just need to brush your hair at least 3 times a day. This will stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, allowing the hair to grow longer and healthier.

Rinse with cold water

The hair should be rinsed with cold water or, at least, lukewarm. I do not want to say that you should wash with cold water; it is simply the final rinse. The hot water “hurt” the scalp, making the hair look dry and dull. Cold water, however, seals the hair cuticles, making it brighter and silkier. What’s more, it accelerates hair growth.

Use conditioner first

Reverse the order in which you wash your hair; use conditioner first and then shampoo. This allows for better hydration and hair cuticles are better closed. The result? Hair with more shine and softness. Put a few drops of lemon in the final rinse to get even more shine.

Do not wash your hair every day

The debate on how often you should wash your hair will remain forever. However, unless you have very oily hair, it is not good to shampoo every day. If you have dry hair, washing it every day will increase the dryness, and if you have oily tresses, they will become more dependent on the wash to make them look clean.

Remove knots

The knots in hair are very annoying! A mane full of knots does not look neat and it is impossible to create any hairstyle. A simple trick to remove knots is to put a little oil – either olive, jojoba or coco oil – in your hands and wet knots. Wait 20 minutes and remove them with your fingers.

Apply a mask

There are thousands of homemade hair masks that provide excellent results, with added benefit that they are natural and economic products. One of great masks is made with honey, egg and olive oil:

Mix the egg with a little honey. Add the mixture to a bowl with olive oil. After washing hair with shampoo and rinsing with water, apply the mask. Generously massage the scalp for several minutes and leave the mask for half an hour. Rinse well with cold water. Apply this remedy once every two weeks.

Cut the ends regularly

Cutting your hair often will not make it grow faster. This is a myth! However, you should grow healthy hair that also looks nice. So cut the split ends from time to time.

Be careful with external agents

Do not abuse dyes or chemical treatments. Keep in mind that they are foreign agents, something that is not natural for the hair and can damage it. Make sure the products you use are of high quality.

Do not use hair dryer or iron too much

Constant exposure to heat will make your hair look dull and lifeless. Therefore it is important not to become addicted to the blow dryer. Dry with cool or warm air and in small sections briefly. Try using ionic dryers, which are harmless.

The same goes for flat irons: do not use them every day and make sure they are not too hot while you use them; they can literally burn the hair strands. Ideally, apply a serum or a protective cream before exposing to heat for hair straightening or curling. Always use a high quality tool such as Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron.

Follow a balanced diet

To end this list, I included a tip that may have little to do with the beauty treatments we saw here. But undoubtedly, it is as important as others. Girls, to have perfect hair, you must start with the basics: eat a healthy diet. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, dairy and drink plenty of water.

What do you think of these 10 tips for perfect hair? Do you have any more to share? We want to hear it!

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