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5 Tips On How To Make Your Hair Grow Better

One of the major question asked by many people especially women is “How to grow their hair quickly?”.

However the truth is that there is no such shortcuts for growing long and thick hair. Of course hair plays an important part in maintaining the overall look of a person. Long hair or Short hair both have their fair share of awesomeness, but it depends upon each individual’s style and need. But there is no denying the fact that long and thick hair is everybody’s dream. Growing long hair is easier said than done, but it can be made possible if you can follow some simple tips.

There is a misconception among people that once the hair is cut, it won’t grow long easily. But the truth is hair grows equally irrespective of whether they were cut in the past or not. It is assumed that at an average hair growths about half inch every month. So it depends on how you treat your hair that decides how long it grows. Here we will be revealing 10 tips you can make use of, if you want to achieve long and thick hair.

1. Maintain An Active Lifestyle

These days an healthy lifestyle can be difficult to follow, especially when everybody is busy with their lives. We often forget the fact that what we eat and drink has a great influence on the quality of our hair. It is always better to include more fruits and vegetable oils on your diet along with proper exercise for a healthy body. Hair is directly related to the body, hence a healthy body means healthy hair. Sometimes deficiency of certain vitamins or proteins can lead to brittle and skinny hair.

2. Use Moisturizers

Well there is a myth that moisturizers could improve the growth rate of hair, but the truth is that the amount of water presence have no relation with hair growth. Having said that they are more than capable of retaining the growth of hair. They are capable of preventing hair damages or breakouts. Less damage to hair strands allows them to remain there for longer period. Apart from that a moisturized hair looks far better and nice compared to a dry hair with a dull appearance.

3. Special Hair Treatments

It is always good to take proper care and treatments on hair so as to maintain its health and quality. Treatments can be done either using chemical products or natural oils. On any day, it is safe to use natural oils when it comes to treating our body, as they won’t have many side effects. One such natural oil, that can improve the growth of hair if used properly is Castor Oil. Use of castor oil on hair can have wonderful effects. Massage your hair with a bit of castor oil and go to bed, next morning you can rinse them off and condition your hair. Following this routinely for couple of weeks will leave you with amazing results. Apart from that, you can use castor oil for thickening eyelashes.

4. Protect Your Hair

It is a common practice among people to loosen up the hair, just to show others how long their hair is! But it is always advised to wear some sort of protective cap over the hair so as to prevent the hair from getting in contact with your clothes or bags. By doing so, hair can hold onto the much needed moisture and prevent them from getting dried leading to breakouts. It is assumed as a good idea to wear the protective cap even while sleeping as this will stop the hair strands from getting in contact with the pillows! Another thing which you must take care of is that never sleep with a tight ponytail, as they can cause breakage of hair and pain in the scalp.

5. Eat Healthier Foods

As mentioned earlier, to a large extent the quality of hair depends upon our nutritional intake. Just like our body, hair also needs vitamins and proteins for it grow thicker and longer. The best way to supply the much needed nutrients for hair is through the food we consume, it is easy to incorporate such foods in your diet, though it might take some time to show off the results. Some of the foods that promotes hair growth are egg, avocado, spinach, walnut and vitamin C rich blueberries.

The above mentioned tips are proven effective by many people, hence there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for you! Even while you follow these tips, you should remember certain things about hair – always be gentle with your hair. It will be fragile when it is wet, so always try to dry them gently with a cotton cloth. Another thing is that whenever possible use natural products as artificial one’s will have some or other side effects. Now since you know these tips, try out them and get to know their amazing effects.

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