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Stores that Offer Free Makeup Samples When You Order Online

Scoring free makeup samples can be as easy as shopping online. Many people do not take part in the free samples offered by many companies when you buy their products online. Getting free samples can be as easy as doing the shopping you already do on a daily basis. Read on to find out more about free makeup samples when you order online.

Stores that Offer Free Makeup Samples When You Order Online

There are several different stores that offer you makeup samples for free when you order online. Here is a list of the most popular companies who do offer free makeup samples when you order with them:

  • Sephora – Sephora is one of the best places to get free makeup samples simply by placing your regular order. They have a variety of samples to choose from. They let you choose three of them. As a general rule, they mostly offer skin care products like moisturizers and acne creams. But they also offer a lot of sample fragrances. Sometimes they offer single-serving samples of concealer and foundation.
  • Ulta – Ulta is another great store that gives you free makeup samples when you shop online. Their samples are usually a bit vaguer than Sephora’s. They ask you to choose one of three options. You will see two options that say something like “3pc Skincare Sampler” or “3pc Fragrance Sampler.” But, for the adventurous folks out there they offer a “3pc Variety Sampler” that lets Ulta choose the best of their products to give you.
  • Smashbox – Smashbox is also a great store that gives out free makeup samples with an online purchase. Smashbox does not offer a great variety of samples. Sometimes they will only have single packets of foundation and primer to choose from. But they do let you choose the two samples that you want the most.

So you see, you can even score free makeup samples at online stores you shop at anyway. There are many other stores that offer free samples when you shop online. All you have to do is conduct a simple internet search for the store’s name and free samples. It will usually take you right to the page where you can select your free samples. Then all you have to do is start shopping like you normally would. Why not try out something new? It is free. What is there to lose?

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