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Top 5 Best Live Music Venues In New Jersey!

The right venue can make or break a concert. Audiences need a great sound system, fantastic lighting that is aligned with an artist’s sets, and enough space to be able to dance or stand. If you’re planning to include more live music performances in your social life, don’t just go to any old venue and cross your fingers, hoping for the best! We’re here to tell you about the top 5 live music venues in New Jersey and why you need to check them out pronto! Keep reading to know more:

The Starland Ballroom

What’s better than a music venue that could have been responsible for the launch of one of the biggest rock stars in American history? Imagine listening to live sessions in such a place! The Starland Ballroom is rumored to be where Bon Jovi met Richie Sambora – and the rest is history. This venue is predominantly known for alternative and punk concerts so if you want to trod off the beaten path and listen to alternative music, then this is the right place for you to go to!

Hopewell Theatre

Hopewell Theatre, one of New Jersey’s best music venues & beloved landmarks, hosts a ton of fantastic live music performances from time to time. To be fair, this theatre is a multi-purpose one that offers movie screenings, stand-up comedy nights, and live performances from both, obscure and famous artists. If you are considering taking someone out on date, this is the right place for you as it also include pre-show dining options with some of its shows. Check out their calendar online to know who’s playing there next!

Stone Pony

We really cannot talk about the music scene in New Jersey without talking about the Stone Pony. With an intimate space inside, the Stone Pony is known for having hosted some of the most enjoyable concerts and has been home to a few legendary artists – with Bruce Springsteen being one of the biggest names to grace its stage! During the summer months, this venue holds concerts in its outdoor wing. Imagine listening to your favorite artist under the starry sky. Epic, right?

Mill Hill Saloon

Small, cramped, and loud (in the best ways) the Mill Hill Saloon is an ideal space to spend a night filled with music and adventure. This venue has a beaten down, rock n roll vibe that you just don’t want to say goodbye to. Bands generally start at 10 pm here so gear up for a late night if you’re planning to check out this spot.

The Saint

The Saint has been compared to New York’s famous CBGB on more times than once! This venue is an Ashbury favorite, and you’ve got to check it out if you want to listen to local artists. This is a great place to discover new music. It has a capacity of only 175 people so go there expecting an intimate experience, as opposed to the anonymity of a concert audience.

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