How to deep-clean a commercial refrigerator?

Many people do not realize the importance of cleaning the fridge properly. A commercial refrigerator is where you keep all the food stored for use at your restaurant. But if you want your food to stay fresh in a hygienic environment, you need to deep clean your fridge at least once every 3 to 6 months. This is something that an appliance repair company may also help you with.

Cleaning it periodically every few months ensures that your food is being stored in a clean place and hence it is safe. If you are unsure of how to clean your fridge properly, this article will hopefully help you with that.

Deep-cleaning a refrigerator

Here is how you deep clean your fridge properly.

Take out all your food items

A good time to deep clean your commercial fridge is when you have not done your grocery yet so that there is less food in the fridge. This is because when you take out the food to clean the fridge, you would need to store the dairy items, meat and the rest of the food items in a cool bag so that it stays safe. Throw away all your expired food and keep the rest of the food stored properly in cool bags. Once you are done emptying your fridge, you are ready to start cleaning it.

Grab your cleaning tools

After emptying your fridge, it is not time to clean it. Take out all the drawers and shelves that can be separated from the fridge and place them outside. Take help from the user manual if you are not sure how to take out shelves and drawers. Do not try to take out the shelves on your own without checking the manual first or you might end up damaging them. if you damage any of the shelves or drawers, they might not be able to fix in the refrigerator again.

Once you have taken out all the shelves and drawers, wash them properly with warm water and a liquid soap. Make sure that you let them glass shelves set at room temperature before you wash them or else, they will break. Take out any residue or food crumbs that are stuck in the joints and clean the shelves and drawers with water to remove any residual soap and food. After that leave them to dry up. Then set them aside.

Clean the interior

After you are done cleaning the shelves and the drawers, it is time to clean the interior of your fridge. Use a wipe or a towel soaked in a mixture of cold water and some sterilizing fluid and start wiping down the inside of your fridge. The sterilizing fluid will help get rid of any bacteria build-up. Do not use hot water to clean the interior of the fridge. Thoroughly clean all the grooves and any joints that they fridge may have. Make sure you clean any residual food inside the fridge too. After you are done wiping it with water and sterilizer, use a towel to dry it. Gently wipe over the interior again. Once the interior of your fridge is properly cleaned, it is time to move on to the exterior.

Clean the exterior

While deep cleaning your fridge, do not forget that cleaning its exterior is just as important as cleaning its interior. The outer area is where germs can build up as well so properly clean the handle and the door. You can use a sterilizer mixed with water again to clean the outside of the refrigerator. Wipe it thoroughly and to not skip any place. Open the doors and clean the top and bottom of the doors as well. Once that is done, use a dry towel to dry the fridge.

Let the fridge cool for some time after fixing in the shelves and drawers before putting the food back in. In case you don’t deep-clean your commercial refrigerator periodically, it will eventually shutdown. In that case, you will need instant refrigerator repair Alexandria. It is much better to take care of your fridge before that time comes.


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