5 Common Midsummer AC Problems And How To Avoid Them

An air conditioner is an extremely important piece of equipment, especially during the hot summer days. But just like any other appliance, it is prone to issues during this time and you would need air conditioner repair services. Here we have compiled a list of some common ones.

Developing A Leak In The Refrigerant Carrying Pipes

Ideally, your air conditioning system comes with enough refrigerant from the manufacturer upon purchase to last its entire lifetime. However, thanks to the non-ideal operating conditions the appliance is often subjected to, very seldom does the refrigerant circulating around the system last more than a couple of years. The main reason for this is leaks developing in the pipes carrying this fluid. You can of course get the refrigerant topped up any time, but there is a good chance that cooling problems will return soon if the leak itself is not repaired.

Clogged Up Condensate Line Causing Water To Back Up

The condensate in your air conditioner is responsible for collecting all the humidity in the air, which is responsible for that icky feeling during summer, and directing it outside of your home via the condensate lines. In the event, however, that these lines get clogged up due to dust, debris or as a result of corrosion, the water will back up and drip out of your air conditioning unit instead. So if you see water pooling beneath the equipment or depositing as ice on the AC, you have a condensate line blockage, and it is time to call an AC repair technician.

The Fan On Your Air Conditioner Refusing To Start

The fan inside your air conditioner performs a very crucial role: it blows the air that is conditioned inside the unit out into the room so that you can actually feel the effects of the system working. Without the fan, the cold air may never reach you. One of the most common reasons for the AC fan not starting is a worn out or broken felt inside the air conditioner. However, rest assured that this is a fairly easy and inexpensive fix. Simply get the belt replaced to get your AC back up and running in no time.

Constant Stress On The Compressor Leading To Failure

The compressor is the most important component inside an air conditioning system. It is an electrical motor that draws in a lot of current in order to do its job of turning the refrigerant circulating around the AC from one state to another over and over. As with any motor system, heat is generated as a by-product of its operation, which is why the system should be given some rest from time to time. Running your air conditioner continuously throughout the day will put serious strain on the motor, causing excessive wear and tear and in severe cases, burning out of the coils. Modern air conditioners are designed to automatically regulate compressor operation, however, if you have an older model, make sure to use the system in moderation, or else you could be paying the price.

Dirty Filters Preventing Efficient Cooling Of The Space

Your air conditioner is equipped with filters, usually two right at the front, plus an internal mesh, that works to filter out dust and debris from the air, which may get accumulated inside the unit and hinder its operation. Since the filter traps any such anomalies within itself, there comes a time when the filter gets full and must be removed and washed for proper cooling.

The key to getting the most out of your air conditioner investment, is to use it with care as per manufacturer’s specifications, and get it maintained on a regular basis, especially prior to the summer season coming out in full force, when any problem in your air conditioner will make it difficult. Follow the above steps to get your air conditioner in order before what was essentially just a minor issue deteriorates into a full blown problem and costs you not only thousands of dollars, but also your peace of mind and comfort. One more thing to keep in mind is to always choose a reliable HVAC repair service Port Jefferson, preferably one that is certified to work on specialty equipment and carry out repairs.

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