What Is Partial Balayage Highlights?

Balayage has gained a lot of popularity over the years and traditional balayage has been transformed into partial balayage and it has recently been added to the list of coloring techniques and offered by balayage salons. There’s very little difference between balayage and partial balayage, and we have tried to throw some light on it.

Read on to know more about partial balayage!

What Basic Purpose Does It Serve?

Full-fledged balayage and partial balayage both serve the same basic purpose with a minor set of differences. When you choose to get a balayage done to your hair, you are basically asking your salonist to start coloring your hair from the very middle, and it is so unlikely to happen in the case of highlights and other coloring techniques.

Partial balayage, like its ancestor-coloring-technique is meant to give your natural hair a fair admixture. Your hair can look bi-dimensional with balayage done to it – whether it’s a full-fledged balayage or a partial one.

How Different Is It from The Usual Balayage?

It’s not a lot different from the casual or regular balayage highlights, there’s just a few prominent differences that you might care about. Partial balayage is just a lighter and less intense version of the main balayage. In regular balayage, you get to choose more locks to be colored, hence, your highlighted hair looks pretty dense. On the other hand, a partial balayage makes it a little less dense and opaque.

In partial balayage, you will not be seeing the same amount of locks heavily colored. As it has been disclosed before, very few hair are paired together and separated from the rest to be colored when it’s partial balayage. These selected bundles of hair get color instilled in them – and the colorist starts from mid-size and takes it through the end.

Do Most Salons Offer Partial Balayage?

Partial balayage is new to the market so many people fear if they are gonna get it everywhere. You ought to know that fashion is kind of a viral thing, it gets spread far and wide within no time. Most salons these days are offering their customers partial balayage.

Many people are also curious if they are gonna get the right kind of partial balayage in any and every salon. Well, this is no longer a big deal. Salonists and hair styling experts are already familiar with the traditional balayage and partial balayage is just the younger and less toilsome version of it. It is not a new thing that will take time to be mastered. Let’s say,

it is just the old thing being upgraded to something new.

How Costly Can It Be?

It can be just as costly as any other hair coloring trend; it makes no exception. In fact, you can expect it to be a little cheaper than the regular balayage, because in traditional balayage you are getting more of your hair highlighted which implies more of their product is being consumed — more foil, more chemical, more effort.

Which Is Better – Balayage or Partial Balayage?

It is like asking which one is shinier, moon or sun? Both provide quite the same services, so to speak. They are not poles apart from each other and same is the case with regular balayage and partial balayage.

Traditional balayage and partial balayage are certainly not two peas in a pod, they are distinct and they are visibly distinct but they can’t be universes apart, to be precise. The only thing that makes them different from one another is the amount of hair being highlighted. Partial balayage is a bit more pastel as compared to the latter and it gives a lighter bi-dimensional touch to your hair.

Is There Any Aftercare Required for Partial Balayage?

Like every other hair coloring technique, partial balayage also requires a lot of aftercare. Partial balayage is equally prone to fading out so it cannot be neglected after stepping out of the salon. Purple-shampooing and conditioning needs to be done from time to time to stop your hair from getting all brassy. Once -in-a-week conditioning becomes a downright must after 24 to 72 hours spent with hair unshampooed and unconditioned.

A silk pillowcase is not mandatory but it can certainly help your hair ease down and sit well at night. However, make sure you get the right balayage services to enjoy your partial balayage hair highlights. hypn

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