How To Choose Your Yoga Studio in Goa

You’ve just arrived somewhere in Goa. After about a few days of settling into your new surroundings, you’re probably wondering how you can work yourself back in a regular daily routine. Well, yoga is a good choice for day to day fitness.

Yoga classes are an incredibly popular way to regulate your mornings and afternoons, adding a much needed bout of fitness to your daily activities. Yoga provides people with plenty of benefits, all of which help improve health over time.

Given the choices of yoga in Goa, how can you find the right yoga studio to fit your needs? Well, let’s review what you can do in order to choose your yoga studio in Goa.

Guidelines for choosing the right yoga place

You’re likely to encounter a few popular yoga studios in Goa. So, how do you know if one of those studios might be the right studio for you? When you’re selecting a yoga studio, it’s important to keep three factors in mind: teachers, location and facilities.


No one wants to work with a difficult teacher—let alone, yoga teacher. It’s important to find a yoga teacher that you can connect with during your first classes. Find a teacher who’s willing to listen to you and provide much needed feedback on your yoga practice. It makes all the difference to have a teacher that listens, while helping you improve your yoga technique.


You’ll encounter many studios that practice yoga in Goa, but not all of them suit your price range. Some might be too far away from where you live.

Part of the fun of living close to a yoga studio is establishing a daily habit traveling there. Always select a yoga studio that’s within traveling range of your home. You want to reach the location from regular travel via transportation or by car, if you have one.


Yoga studio facilities can influence your comfort levels—even if you don’t think so. That’s why you should always examine the facilities of a yoga studio before you choose to take classes there.

Community is just as important as the quality of yoga studio facilities. Yoga classes with a good community of students and instructors tend to be, well, places that people want to keep visiting. So, you want to make sure you enjoy being in a yoga studio’s community before going there on a regular basis.

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