Sleep With Ease By Following 6 Poses Of Yoga

If you are having trouble for your sleep and you need some relaxed time on your bed, then there are some easy yoga steps that can aid in providing your body and mind some rest and when they relax, you will be able to sleep well whole night and will be refreshed when wake up in the morning.

  1. Short Meditation

Prepare yourself for bed and turn off the lights, television and laptop etc. sit on your bed with crossed legs in a comfortable way and then slightly, lean back onto the pillow and keep your eyes closed and hands on the thighs. Do not move from there and take deep breath for some time.

  1. Seated Twist

Stay as you were sitting with the legs crossed, sit straight and inhale for some time and then twist your body to the left. While twisting, exhale a bit and stay relax in that position. If there is a headboard with you, it can be grabbed so that a mild leverage can be given to your twist. Take deep breaths in the twisting position and do the same process to right side as well.

  1. Seat Forward Bend

Bend your knees slightly by extending your legs straight. After the extension of the legs, you must sit straight and inhale. Then take your hands to the feet and exhale during that. The knees can be bent until the back comes to the flat position. Do not make this pose intense because your objective is to get yourself relaxed.

  1. Knees to chest

Lie down straight on your back and keep a pillow under your head. Bring your any of the knees close to your chest and hold the shin so that it may come closer to you. Here you have to take deep breaths and repeat the same process by switching your legs.

You can also bring both of the knees towards you and move yourself on each side. This will release your entire back and make you relaxed.

  1. Corpse position

Another way to release your pressure and get relaxed is to lie down straight and flat arms and legs extended. Keep your ankles to the sides opened and the face of the palms must be upwards. Take some rest in this pose and you will feel the difference and you can then easily sleep as well.

  1. Reclining Twist

Bring your left knee to the chest while inhaling and then twist it to the right and exhale. Now extend your entire arm to the left along with your head turned to the same side. Other hand can be rested on the left knee which was twisted. Take some time in the same pose with deep breaths and then switch your leg.

  1. Sleep

All of such activities can help you in relaxing your body and mind which would ultimately let you sleep for whole night and you will be awake next morning refreshed. You will not need any pills for that purpose which are eventually proved to be harmful for the health.

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