Why Our Children Are Like Tigers

A child is any person who is under 18 years old. This is the age than the age where parental care is mandatory and essential to a healthy upbringing. A child’s behavior can be put into a comparison with many animals either the pets or the wild animals. A tiger is the largest cat species in the world. It’s popularly known for its vertical stripes on the reddish-orange fur having a lighter underside. The behaviors of the Tigers or either their young ones tends to relate to that of the children. One of the animals that parenting masters use in children relation is the tiger.

Use of the tongue

One of the most notable practice in our children is that they will always use their tongue to taste anything they come across. If a child is having some toys for play, he or she will end up rubbing them with their tongue once they are tired of the game. Similar to the Tigers, they usually use their tongues to remove any loose hairs and probably dirt from their fur. Therefore, the Tigers use the tongue for grooming purpose. Good parenting is, therefore, critical to avoid the children tasting dangerous substances that may have a negative impact on their health.

Use of claws and nails

Tigers are known for their reliance on the use of claws in either self-defense or hunting. The tigers claws’ can slip back into the skin at any time. Similarly, the children have nails that they use in the same manner particularly when expressing anger and they can eventually injure their fellow children. They can also use the nails to scratch things off similar to how Tigers scratch on tree trunks, hence increasing the chances of contamination. To the parents, it is advisable always to trim your child’s nails always so as to prevent hands contamination and injuries.


In Tigers and children, they both tend to express their feelings through changing their regular face expressions. When a tiger smells the scent of another tiger, it will lower its tongue and at the same time curls up its face. It is the same face you may experience from a child who may be aggrieved by something, or he or she is need of a particular thing from you. It is, therefore, mandatory for the parents to be able to notice and interpret any expression a child make.

Sleeping habits

In any ordinary day, the Tiger will be busy resting, sitting around, cleaning itself and most commonly sleeping. For the Tiger, it does all that to save up all its strength for the few minutes it have to hunt for its food. It is a similar practice that you will witness among almost all children. After a child has been busy all morning playing, he or she will retreat to the house later in the afternoon to sleep. It is the similar scenario to that of Tigers whereby; the children will be seeking the much-needed rest so as regain energy back. For good parenting, it is critical to ensure the child gets enough time to sleep and rest.

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