What are the best selling cars for women drivers?

Well, women drivers have different taste in cars. While men prefer more horsepower, speed of light acceleration and louder rev sound in cars. It is not easy to generalize the choice of women when it comes to automobile. Some ladies love small sporty cars, some mothers like mini vans for space. Teen girls love small stylish car and some classy women prefer big SUV or sedan, it’s all about making a statement.

Best cars for women drivers

Women are always fond of driving and modern self-dependent women show more enthusiasm in purchasing their own vehicle. Women buyers prefer both new and used cars. These buyers have their own needs and requirements from their car. Of the hundreds of car models on sale, females generally like to purchase these 6 cars.

#1 Volkswagen Tiguan: Ever since the arrival of the VW Tiguan, it has taken the number 1 slot in the bestselling cars for the women drivers. Tiguan succeeded in breaking down the empire of VW Beetle. VW Tiguan is an estrogen-based car which is the compact crossover.

#2: Nissan Rogue: 56.9% female buyers preferred Nissan Rogue last year. This SUV is spacious as well as well as affordable. Women buyers like Nissan Rogue because this SUV provides comfort of sedan. It has superb interior and attractive exterior body.

#3: Honda CR-V: Many female drivers prefer this sexy car. Honda CR-V is the perfect example of the crossover SUV. It is a well-rounded vehicle having spacious interior and oodles of family friendly features. The most fascinating thing about Honda CR-V is that it comes with an affordable price tag.

#4: Honda Civic: It is the most sensible car available on the market and that’s why many women drivers prefer it. Ever since Honda upgraded the Civic in 2013, it has grabbed the attention of female buyers as well as automotive magazine.

#5: Ford Escape: Ford Escape is a beautiful female friendly car, which is being enjoyed by many females. The sporty exterior and European sheet metal provides an incredibly beautiful look to this vehicle.

#6: Volkswagen Beetle: Popularity of Volkswagen Beetle has decreased in the last few years, but 54.6% of females still purchased it last year.

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