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5 Ways Props Can Improve Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is one of the most common exercise practices among health buffs to date. There are countless benefits to practicing yoga, including improved organ function. Now who in the world doesn’t want that?

As with any other passion in life, self-improvement is one of the main goals of yoga practitioners, but how exactly can you ramp up your yoga game? If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your practice, then consider using props the next time you assume those poses. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few ways props can make your yoga practice that much more efficient.

  1. Maintain alignment – Yoga poses are all about assuming the right posture. Now how exactly do you intend to do that when your body parts aren’t aligned the right way? When you put your parts in places they’re not supposed to be, you compromise the efficiency of your practice, and that’s never any good. Using a prop could quite possibly eliminate the chances of getting your posture wrong.
  2. Make a certain pose easier to achieve – A lot of times when we attempt an advanced pose, we find ourselves overthinking what to do next and where to put what. Yoga shouldn’t have to be so cerebral. It’s important to keep a clear mind at all times to get the most out of your work out. Some props will allow you to eliminate unnecessary road blocks on the way to the perfect pose.
  3. Prevent injuries / allow healing – Maybe you sprained your ankle a few ways back and you can’t seem to assume your favourite pose without aggravating the pain. A proper prop can help reduce pain and allow healing, without you having to give up what you love.
  4. Promote balance – Our bodies won’t always be strong all over. There are certain parts that will always be stronger and more stable than others. Yoga props can help improve the stability of weaker parts by allowing greater endurance when we assume those difficult poses.
  5. Prolong poses – There’s no feeling quite like holding a hard pose for longer than you did last time, and while it can be a challenge, it’s always a treat to achieve. That’s why some people incorporate yoga props to help hold poses for longer until such time that they can say goodbye to their props and hold their own.

Abhinam yoga centre in Goa focuses on teaching students how to use props for proper alignment during their practice. It organizes certified teacher training courses in Patnem where they teach Ashtanga Yoga using props that allows student to practice injury free yoga.

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