How To Choose The Right Rug Material – 4 Main Materials To Look For

The material of the rugs is as important as the rug themselves. The material of the rug determines its durability and its feel. The material of the rug solely depends on where you want to place it. If you want to place it outside in the open then you get a sturdy and strong area oriental or traditional rug but if you want to place it in front of your bathtub then you should get a soft and delicate one.

Similarly, to help you in selecting the right rug for the right place we are going to discuss some rug materials.

Types of Rug Materials


By hides, we mean the rugs which are made from the skin of various animals like cowhide rugs and sheep.

Sheepskin Rugs

These rugs are very expensive but lavish at the same time. They are ideal to place in areas where there is less traffic because too much sunlight, moisture, washing can spoil the face and touch of them. If you are buying a sheepskin rug, then you will have to take a lot of care for them.

Leather and Cowhide

These rugs are very stylish and give a very luxurious look to the room in which they are placed. They can be expensive or cheap depending on the quality of the making of the rug. As compared to sheepskin; cowhide or leather rugs are more durable to be walked on but they are not good for water or other spills. They are very light and easy to maintain. They can be placed in living and bedrooms.


Natural fiber rugs are those which are made by a naturally grown thread like cotton, silk, bamboo, jute, seagrass, wool, etc.


Wool rugs are made of such fibers which spring back after they are walked on. This ability of the wool rugs makes them one of the most durable, soft and comfortable rugs. Some wool rugs are also stain resistant, dust resistant and fire resistant but they may get spoiled by moisture. These rugs can be expensive. As compared to simple wool rugs; the woven wool rugs are not so durable and are also difficult to clean.


Normally, rugs are made up of cotton and are not very expensive. Cotton rugs are generally flat with woven cotton yarn and are also durable. These rugs are soft and can even be washed in the washing machines. These rugs are the most popular as they are the most manageable, long-lasting and soft at the same time.


Silk rugs are expensive but very soft and lavish. They are very delicate and must be used and cleaned with great care and caution, otherwise, they can be ruined.  Silk rugs can get worn out quickly so they should be placed in areas with low traffic.

Jute and Sisal

Both these materials are robust and can easily be used roughly. Rugs made with these materials are durable and are easily managed. They can also be used for outdoor purposes.

Bamboo Slat and Seagrass

Both these materials are 100% natural, they are very long lasting and water-resistant. They can also be used for outdoor purposes but they don’t have a lot of color options; only earthy colors.


These rugs are made of artificial materials that are man-made like nylon and polyester. You will see some contemporary rugs made of synthetic materials.


Nylon is a common material used for rugs because it is easy to use and affordable. Nylon rugs can’t be washed in machines and they are also less durable.


Polyester rugs are similar to polypropylene rugs but they are less durable than them. Most of the polyester rugs are durable and soft but are also absorbent and because of this, they are difficult to wash.


Handmade rugs are the ones that are carefully looped, knotted, hooked, braided and turfed by hands (mostly by kids because of small knots). They are mostly soft and textured. Each handmade rug is one of its kind.


These handmade rugs are durable but expensive because of their intricateness. They should be used with care.


In this type of handmade rugs Alexandria, threads are braided tightly together to form a beautiful pattern. Braided rugs are firm and very durable.

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