Some big benefits of marble countertops

The subtle design of marble countertops give a very high-end feel that you cannot really find in another countertop of a similar type. This is one of the biggest reasons why marble tops are preferred by homeowners who can afford them. Without a doubt, though, marble is an expensive option. This is why a big number of people may want to let it go despite loving its overall experience and sheen.

What are the advantages of marble?

Nevertheless, there are still a big number of advantages that marble has over other types of countertops. These benefits and advantages simply make it worth it despite being so expensive. In this article, we talk about some of these advantages that you can enjoy, if you buy marble countertops.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of marble kitchen tops is that they are highly durable. In fact, they are sometimes considered to be even more durable than granite countertops. This is because they are very hard to break, and are hence, long-lasting.

Though, some people will argue that they are not as durable as granite anyway. Still, this is something that depends on the overall shape and thickness of the slap. In general, marble is a highly dense and durable material. So, if you take care of your marble countertop properly, it can last for several decades.

Heat resistant

Yet another reason why marble is so sought after regardless of being expensive is that it is heat resistant. This is why home bakers and professional chefs love this material. No matter how much heat there is around, marble tends to stay cool. Still, we suggest you to put hot pans on it with great caution as they can stain your countertop.

Long lasting

The biggest reason why marble is so expensive is that it is long-lasting. You can use a marble countertop for many decades if you take good care of it. It will neither chip away nor develop cracks if you use it nicely. Though a rough usage can result in chipping and cracks near the edges which can then propagate through the entire material. When this happens, you may need some repair right away or else the damage will continue to increase. Ultimately, you do not want to have irreversible damage do you?


Marble is a material that is often mimicked in other countertops. For instance, many man-made countertop materials try to mimic the look of marble countertops. However, they are usually only successful to a very limit extent. Ultimately, marble has a look that no other material can mimic. In this regard, it offers a lot of distinction and hence, it is easy to tell apart fake marble from genuine one.

In genuine marble, some naturally trapped impurities are too apparent. This makes it one of the most sought-out materials. Being a natural metamorphic stone, marble brings a lot of elements of nature into the house. Hence, it is a great addition in any modern and trendy looking kitchen.

Ending note

There is no doubt that marble is quite expensive. However, given that it also carries a wide range of benefits, nothing should stop you from owning a marble countertop. Just remember that you must take nice care of it and maintain it properly. Otherwise, your marble countertop will not last longer than a decade. This is something that all countertop replacement NC contractors will also tell you. Along with that, make sure that your replacement company is highly experienced and professional. This is because marble is difficult to install. Hence, it requires only professional work at the hands of experienced and skilled people.

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