Common Misconceptions About Area Oriental Rugs

Due to their popularity, there is a lot of misconceptions about area oriental rugs. Here are some of these conceptions:

All of the modern rugs are machine made

Due to the increase of machine-made products in the market, you might think that all of the oriental rugs in the market are now machine made. This is a lie. There is still a large number of the rugs on the market that are handmade. For example, most of the rugs made in Iran are handmade.

When you are buying the pieces, you should take a look at the bottom of the rug. If the weaving pattern is smooth, the rugs are most likely machine made. You can also tell whether a rug is handmade by its price. A machine made unit will be cheaper.

Although, it will be expensive, you should always go for the handmade unit as it not only looks good, it also tends to last for a long time.

Old oriental rugs are more valuable

Oriental rugs aren’t antique rugs; therefore, there is no way their value increases as they age. While this is the case, two old rugs might have different prices depending on the type, size, condition, rarity of the design, age and design execution.

If you are looking for an old rug with a unique design, you should ask an experienced professional to help you in choosing the right one.

Only rugs with a high knot count are worth the time

It’s true that oriental rugs with a high knot count have a richer look and often are expensive as a lot of work is put into them, but this doesn’t mean that they are the only ones that you should go for.

Remember that the knot count of the rug is only one of the indicators of quality. Other qualities that you should consider are: design, rug condition, and many others. There is no way a dilapidated rug will be of better quality just because it has a high knot count.

You should avoid rugs with abrash

Abrash is a feature formed during the rug weaving process, and you will find it in village and tribal rugs. Some people think that rugs with abrash are of poor quality, but this isn’t the case. The bands formed are a natural part of the weaving, and they don’t compromise the quality of the traditional rugs; therefore, if you like a rug, go ahead and buy it.

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