Got a great idea for an online newsletter?

Got a great idea for an online newsletter? Before getting too far into the design and writing, find ways to incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The power driver behind search engines results is SEO.

How do the top five listings make it over millions of listings in the results list? They got there by effectively using SEO techniques for writing online content and building web sites based on SEO techniques. To get an e-newsletter to the top of a search list, it has to implement SEO.

SEO E-newsletter Writing Tips

While the power of the search engines is SEO, the power of SEO is the use of keywords – words or phrases that Internet searchers would type into a search box to find information on the net.

As you design, lay out and set up an editorial calendar and before writing the content, take the time to determine keywords that apply to the topic or theme of each issue. When writing articles and news for the e-newsletter, use those keywords strategically throughout the e-newsletter.

Use ethical SEO and keep the keywords applicable to the e-newsletter issue. Stuffing content with keywords that are not relevant or used just to get a higher search ranking is called Black Hat SEO and only the bad guys use such techniques. Ethical SEO (also known as White Hat SEO) are the best practices to employ in SEO writing.

Keyword Research

One way to find applicable keywords, which requires the most time, is to spend time in each of the search engines and type in words or phrases that might be used and then review the results. A second much better way is to subscribe to one of the many online keyword search program sites.

When subscribing to a keyword search site, users type in a topic or seed word and click on research or go, and very quickly a list of search words will be returned.

Next, narrow each keyword list down to 10 or 15 then determine primary and secondary keywords.

Ways to Use Keywords

After getting the keyword list narrowed down and the primary and secondary keywords are determined, use the primary words in the title of the e-newsletter and in the opening or main article of the newsletter.

Use the secondary words in headings or subheadings of each article. Both primary and secondary keywords should be used throughout the e-newsletter. Keywords should also be incorporated into any of the external links included in the e-newsletter.

In the beginning, it may help to take the keyword lists and use them to help plan or outline each of the articles proposed for the e-newsletter.

Increase e-newsletters Readership

Those companies, organizations or professionals with highest online success use SEO to its fullest. That success can be anyone’s as long as the online content — be it a web site, articles, or e-newsletters — use SEO techniques and SEO friendly content.

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