Amarres de Amor

Two Simple Binding Love Spells

Love binding with two potatoes

This love binding is used to prevent your significant other doesn’t leave the relationship and avoid a breakup.

Supplies Needed

  • Two potatoes of a similar size
  • A thick needle
  • Honey from bees
  • A piece of red silk
  • Do on a full moon


Choose two potatoes similar in shape and size. Cut along the length into two parts. Save half of each potato. The other halves cook them and offer them your partner with salt and parsley. Now, choose one of the stored half potatoes that represent you and the other your partner. Using the pin, record your both names, and dates of birth in the halves representing your and your partner.

Sew a horizontal stitch long enough for you to go through both halves of potatoes To secure tie the halves with a red ribbon. After this you must bury the two halves of the potatoes in a night of the full moon. If you don’t have access to a garden you can bury them in a pot and plant a cactus above it. Use this love binding with confidence it generally gives good results.

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Love binding using hair and candles

This is a simple love binding and no strange supplies are needed to perform it.

Supplies Needed

  • Two candle in the figure of you and the person you desire to be your partner or lover
  • A small red cloth bag
  • 3 of your hairs
  • 3 hairs of you partner or desired partner/lover


Put two or three hairs from the person of interest in the candle that represents it, just press them in and see that they remain stuck in the candle.

Also place your hairs in the candle of the figure that represents you.

On the new moon, place them at one meter distance apart on a table. Light them and let them burn for fifteen minutes. On the next day, place the candles about a few centimeters closer and let them burn again for another fifteen minutes. Repeat this for a total of 7 days, bringing the candles more and more together until they touch.On this page are given more about: Amarres de Amor Efectivos

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