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The Basics of Search Engine Optimization for Those Who Know Nothing

Search Engine Optimization. That’s a mouthful. Introducing that word would most likely get blank stares.

It’s normal. These words is not as popular as it’s relative which is marketing.

The words may look daunting but it is the basic foundation of how to get your brand or service in the digital space, or in layman’s term, Google search.

Search engine optimization just sounds complicated but in reality it is not. Businesses in all sizes can benefit greatly on this type of strategy. But, not all businesses understand or even know the basics and benefits of this practice.

Let’s break down this strategy into bite size pieces so everyone can understand the whole concept, using the basic questions: What, Why, Who, When and How. To make it more easier, no jargons will be used in the discussion.

  1. What is Search Engine Optimization? From the words “search engine”, it is a strategy of making your brand, service or website visible to a wider target audience, consumer or customer. With the increasing usage of search engines namely Google, Bing and Yahoo to basically search and ask almost anything under the sun, is an opportunity every business should think about. Imagine having your site appear in those search page results when someone is looking for information that is related to what you are offering.

Yes, advertisements still work. BUT , the internet is already the primary method of gathering information . It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are or how old you are, as long as there is internet connection, the information needed is just within the click of a button. So, with search engine optimization, your site or brand will make those search engines locate your site and bring it over to the one looking for it.

  1. Why use Search Engine Optimization? You would probably ask as to why search engines can’t just locate my website on its own. Well, because it’s software. The software technology that all search engine companies are using is very complex and at the same time limited. No software technology can still act the way a human brain would do.

Search Engine Optimization is the “human aspect” that will help search engines to better locate and read your website the way a human being should be. Since Google is the frontrunner for search engines, their primary objective is to provide the best and informative result to people searching for anything using their platform. And software technology alone cannot provide that. Which is why search engine optimization is one of the services of a marketing agency to give clients a difference in this digital landscape.

  1. Who uses Search Engine Optimization? Anyone can use this strategy. In fact, everybody should use this strategy. With mobile technology improving at a faster rate, it is a must have for any business that would like to reach their potential customers who are constantly using this technology to get anything they need. As search engine optimization not only focuses on desktop users, it also includes strategies that would cover the mobile users. Even if your business is just starting out, it will greatly benefit you in the long run with not only getting leads but with brand recognition as well.
  2. When do you use Search Engine Optimization? It can be used anytime. Meaning, even if your website is already up and running for the longest time or just a new website in the works. As an old website, the activities done will be incorporating important elements in the site to make search engines read and locate the website. It will also cover which part of the website needs improvement to tell search engines that your site is relevant to someone looking for your services. It will also make search engines read your website as often as possible making their database updated all the time. For new websites, before making your site go live, same important elements will be go to your site.
  3. How can you learn Search Engine Optimization? The fundamentals, basics and tutorials of this strategy is pretty much covered by people with authority in this subject. There are a dozen resources to help anyone with no knowledge to understand and practice this strategy. But, if you are a business who doesn’t have the time and resources to learn and would like to focus in quickly growing the business, then an online marketing agency can handle this strategy for you. Let the experts in this field do the dirty work while you focus in the business side of things.

Now that you have a better grasped of what search engine optimization is, you can further learn by searching for basics and tutorials about this subject.

Whether you are a business owner or an old school marketing geek, search engine optimization will be the foundation of the future of digital marketing landscape.

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