Benefits of prenatal massage an ultrasounds in your pregnancy

Preparation for a healthy pregnancy starts much earlier than you think. It is important because you have to take care of two lives simultaneously. Pregnancy is stressful, no doubt about that; however, the joy of becoming a mother can’t be described in words.

Any healthy body is a result of two things. First is proper diet. Second is exercise or any physical activity that will help you in coping with the extra stress of pregnancy. On that note, if you can’t go out for a walk or any other exercise, then it would be beneficial to go for prenatal massage therapy.

Why Prenatal massage?

The impact of massage is both physiological and psychological.

In a prenatal massage you don’t have to lie face down, so it’s much more comfortable and safe than other form of massage. Prenatal massage gives all the benefits of a massage like it relaxes the body, improves blood circulation and makes muscles more flexible. Less stress and anxiety result in better sleep. It also rejuvenates body tissues. Individual feel reduced levels of joint and back pain after the massage session.

Things to remember for making prenatal massage safer

Certified massage therapist

Always go for a certified massage therapist. Pregnancy is a delicate situation. Well trained therapist will know how to take care of you and your baby in case any complication arises. Another thing is they know when to give massage and when to let other medical professionals do their job.

Involve your doctor

Get advice from your doctor, if you gave a high risk pregnancy. Also avoid massage therapy if you have high blood pressure. Consult your doctor if you are experiencing severe pain.

Looking at you baby even before he or she is born by using ultrasound imaging

A mother can always feel the movement of a baby inside her. But looking at a growing baby is a different feeling altogether. 2D, 3D and 4D ultra sounds are available so that you can see your baby growing little by little over the period of several months. Whole family and friends can feel the joy. You can also find out the sex of the baby. In advance stages of pregnancy face of the baby is visible in ultrasound images.

It’s completely safe and there are no reports to prove otherwise. This technology is around for decades now. Over the years, thanks to research and development it has become much more advanced.

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