Should you take your ex back?

It is the age-old question – should one ever go back after a relationship has ended? I know exactly what answer you are expecting, and that’s just what I’m going to give! Here it comes: It depends! Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to it being the right or wrong decision to take back an ex. It depends on the circumstances, so with that in mind, let’s discuss some circumstances, and hopefully when we get to your own personal circumstances, the advice I offer will be helpful.

So, which one of these covers your break up situation?

Situation 1: You guys were constantly arguing

If persistent bickering is what led to the demise of your relationship, then the questions to be asking yourself right now are these ones. Has enough time passed for the dust to settle between you and your ex, such that the strong feelings of irritation between you have dissipated? Have you (and possibly your ex too) matured as a person, such that if you guys give a relationship another try, you might actually be able to get along?

If you can with confidence answer yes to some extent, to those 2 questions, then my suggestion would be that it might well be worth trying to get back with your ex. Things could be different the next time around, so it could well be worth a go.

Situation 2: Your ex cheated

This is of course a very delicate situation, and the questions you must ask yourself here are: Will I eventually be able to accept that my partner once behaved in that way? Are there signs present that this will not happen again?

It is a really tough scenario to be in. For me personally, I could not take back a cheating ex because I wouldn’t be able to accept their past deceiving ways. That said, I found an article that goes really deeply into this issue on whether you should you dump your partner for cheating or not.

Situation 3: One of you stopped feeling attracted to the other

This is a very simple situation with a less than easy solution. If attraction was lost, then whatever caused the loss of attraction must be rectified. It is a physical thing? Did one of you get out of shape? Or maybe it’s a behavioral thing…did you or your ex’s behavior become unattractive? If your own behavior became unattractive then that is something you can fix, but if it was your ex’s behavior then that is more difficult, because you can’t force someone into changing themselves.

Be sure to think things through properly

Whatever your exact circumstances are, if you are still in love with an ex, then you have to think things through properly first. It could make life very difficult for you or your ex or both of you if you were to take action without some clear thinking first.

I wish you the best of luck whatever you decide to do in this situation, and I hope this article has been helpful!

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