Fundamentals of safe sex

When we say safe sex, people automatically think about sex of younger generation only. This is not true. Topic of safe sex covers people of all ages. Sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex usually can lead to two things. The first result of conjugal sex is pregnancy. Pregnancy can be of two types. They are Intended pregnancy and unintended pregnancy. The other result of sex is the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases form one person to other person engaging in the sexual act. As the name implies these types of diseases are transmitted most often through unsafe sex. So the topic of safe sex covers the methods and practices to be followed to avoid the above two consequences of sexual intercourse.  Let us discuss the two cases separately

Preventing unintended pregnancy

Your knowledge about condoms or birth control pills cannot be successful if you are in a passionate mood with your love or partner in life. When you undress and the heat builds up you forget about consequences like pregnancy and the need for using condoms. You don’t have time or wisdom to think about the consequences and act accordingly.  So it is always better to visit a doctor or a clinic and understand the basics of avoiding unintended pregnancy and follow the instructions received scrupulously to avoid untoward incidences. They may suggest some semi permanent methods for avoiding pregnancy which you can practice and discard when you think you are ready for becoming pregnant. Married persons are advised to go for permanent or semi permanent methods to enjoy sex without any restrictions. For young unmarried people, it is always better to carry a pack of condoms without gender considerations and make sure that you or your partner uses it before you are anywhere near the real act of sexual intercourse.

Preventing disease

Many of the birth control methods now in vogue are not able to protect you from the transmission of STDS except condoms.  Using condoms is the only method that guarantees, safety from STDs. Unfortunately condoms have its own weaknesses and hence it is not generally accepted as very safe birth control method. So you can use condoms for preventing pregnancy as well as STDs. Yet the same time it is advised that you follow some other methods also to prevent pregnancy so that no untoward incidence takes place.

Similarly the greatest fear is the possibility of spreading of AIDs through sex. Fortunately doctors unanimously opine that condoms are very helpful in preventing the transmission of AIDs through sex. So wherever you go, I would recommend youngsters to keep a pack of condoms ready with them so that they need not be madly running for it at the time of emergency.

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