Accessorize Your Countertops

It’s but normal to feel so excited right after your kitchen or bathroom granite countertops had been completely installed. You suddenly have like a gazillion ideas of decorating it from the smallest item to the biggest and from the simplest theme to the most attractive design.  However, confusion strikes you again and you just can’t seem to focus on what you wanted and should put on your countertops. Of course, you don’t want to over accessorize it or neither a fan of the minimalist concept.

Here are some tips for you to be able to showcase your newly renovated counters and give justice to its elegance and beauty.

The Right and Appropriate Add-Ons to your Countertops

Before you head out and shop for accessories for your newly revamped kitchen counters, first check out the things that you should be considered first.

  • Give way to Space.

The first thing you should think of is how much space do you need for add-ons versus the main items in your kitchen counter. Like if you have wide-ranging counters, then you would need more accessories and can even partition the space for more decorations. But if you have a smaller space then just limit your idea to some subtle decors and attractive designs.

  • The Combining Factor

It’s common for most homeowners to combine kitchen decors and cooking appliances, not just because of space, but the accessibility of everything too. This is also one way of using them as your decorative pieces. You can go with attractive or rustic looking storage jars, and colorful hues of coffee maker, blender, microwave, and mixers can create an amazing visual view.

  • Food Condiments as Accessories

Don’t keep those cookie jars, bread baskets, and canned goods, instead, display them on your kitchen counter space because they can also create a wonderful view in your cooking area. Just arrange them like they are not being used for cooking or should not be eaten like they are actual displays.

  • Have a Perfect Lighting Effect.

Installing proper lighting is also one of the best ways to showcase the beauty of your brand new kitchen countertops. You can have lights that can illuminate the granite design of your counter, hanging lights is also great as well as accent lighting placed in the darker areas of your kitchen like cabinets, bottoms, and corners.

  • Cookwares are Decors too

Invest in quality and stylish cooking sets and cutlery that can represent an elegant visual effect within your kitchen area. They will not only produce the best dishes but will also make your cooking are more attractive and inviting.

  • Declutter Your Countertops

Of course, you cannot decorate properly around a cluttered area or space. So before you start accessorizing your counter make sure that it’s clutter-free. Make it also a habit to declutter your countertops like to remove out-dated decors or items and those that need to be replaced.

  • Sanitize in Style

You should always have a hand soap, lotion and/or sanitizer near your kitchen sink or on your countertops. This is to ensure that everyone in your house gets to have clean and sanitized hands all the time. But consider buying those cute and stylish bottles because they serve as decors too.

  • Make Your Glass Door Cabinets Stand Out

Not because they are cabinets, you can already stuff anything inside. That’s the common mistake of most homeowners. Cabinets, whether they have solid doors or glass doors, should also be accessorized well. If you happen to have glass door cabinets in your kitchen, decorate it with items that will stand out not with dishwares that are of the same color as the cabinet wall. Place items that are in contrast with your theme and that will really look attractive.

You will never go wrong with a clean and organized kitchen. What more if it is accessorized with the right and appropriate decors. Maintaining a clean kitchen area is where you can start decorating actually and you can easily notice what’s missing and what’s off among your kitchen add-ons. You should congratulate your granite installers Potomac for doing an awesome job in giving your kitchen area an elegant finish with a brand new countertop. Now, you won’t have any reasons why you’d rather dine out than prepare home-cooked meals every day.

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