Beginner’s Guide To Kitchen Countertops

Having the perfect kitchen countertop is very important. Your choice of the countertop makes or breaks the look of your kitchen. The countertop is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about utility, so you need to find a countertop that is beautiful as well as perfectly useful and durable such as quartz kitchen countertops. A good kitchen countertop will show your sense of aesthetics.

However, sometimes people get confused as to which countertop to install in their kitchens. There are several options when it comes to choosing the right countertops, some of them will be discussed below as a guide to help you find the right countertop for yourself.

7 Popular Kitchen Countertop Options


Granite is one of the most beautiful and stunning stones to use as a countertop. It the most popular choice when it comes to the kitchen counter. Granite countertop is durable and resistant to almost everything; it is resistant to water damage, sharp cuts, fire, etc. it is very easy to maintain a granite top but it is heavy and therefore difficult to install and needs good support below it. Granite comes in many shades of colors and so they can go with either big or small kitchens.  Granite will make your kitchen look classy.

Engineered Quartz or Engineered Stones

Engineered is when the natural quartz and stones are combined with resin to form a countertop. These countertops are easy to manage because they don’t need any polish or sealants and are also available in many colors. They have a smooth durable surface. You can combine and contrast these countertops with any color as they are highly versatile and available in many shades.

Paper Composite

Paper countertops are the new fashion. They are ecofriendly, have a softer touch and are more resistant to water and heat. These counters are made up of paper and resin mixture and are available in many colors. They are also more affordable as compared to many other countertop options.


Concrete gives your kitchen an avant-garde look. They will make your kitchen super stylish. But at the same time, it can make it dangerous because of the sharp edges and rough surface. It also has a porous nature which makes it prone to more absorbing. You need to be more careful with this countertop. If you want to be on the safe side; then you should get your concrete countertop coated with a sealant that will stay intact for years. Concrete countertops work best with a light-colored kitchen such as white, brown, light blue, etc.

Wood/Butcher Block

Wood gives your kitchen a somewhat traditional and old world view. With a wooden countertop, you should equip your kitchen with gadgets and items which go with the counter, like vintage- inspired stuff. It will make your kitchen look handsome and classy with a touch of uniqueness. However, wooden counters require a lot of maintenance like oiling it and disinfecting it. As wood is more absorbent; it will require care. You won’t be able to use it bare because it will soak in everything (like cutting a raw chicken on it).


Marble is yet another stylish and popular choice when it comes to countertops. It is one of the most elegant choices for the kitchen. Apart from being elegant, it is also very useful for the kitchen. Marble is resistant to many things like heat, cool, water, scratches, absorbing, etc. it has a slippery surface which makes tints and other stains go away quickly. However, if you use your top too cruelly and harshly then it may get cracked. A light-colored marble countertop can look good with a partially dark kitchen.

Stainless Steel

Steel countertops are true beauty. If anyone has worked or visited restaurant kitchens then they know the beauty of steel countertops. These tops are almost indestructible and very easy to clean. However, these counters are a bit expensive because they are custom made and they are also prone to scratches. So, care is needed while cleaning the countertops. They are great resistant to heat, cool and bacteria which can grow from food infestation.

Make sure you learn everything about the material of countertops before getting visiting countertop replacement companies Potomac. Any material that you choose should have the properties which are ideal for your kitchen needs. It should be resistant to stains and scratches, easy to use and clean, and should match with your overall kitchen theme.

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